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Will Trees Recover From Ice
Tree Health
How Ice Damage Can Affect Your Trees In Rochester, MN
Ice damage can be a real issue for even the brawniest trees in Minnesota. Maier Tree and Lawn is here to help your trees survive the winter and emerge victorious come spring.
What Is Sunscald
Tree Disease
Protecting Your Winona, MN, Trees From Winter Sunscald
Though winter presents quite a variety of challenges for trees across the state, sunscald is a type of tree damage that can fly under the radar.
Snow Mold
Lawn Care Services
How Does Snow Mold Impact Rochester, MN, Lawns?
Snow mold is one of the few lawn funguses that truly thrive in the frigid winter months. It grows beneath the layers of snow that cover your lawn and grows more quickly as winter nears its end.
Winter Damage
Tree Damage and Tree Removal
Winter Tree Damage & Your Winona, MN, Trees
Cold Minnesota winters are a powerful equalizer in nature. Even the sturdiest plants and landscapes can be impacted by ice damage and other winter side effects, and sometimes the damage isn’t even apparent until it's already severe.
When To Plant Grass Seed In Spring
Lawn Care Tips
Growing Healthy Grass With The Right Species For Your Rochester, MN, Property
Grass comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and with each individual species, you’ll find yourself contending with different care patterns and results. Selecting the right type of grass for your lawn may make a major difference in the overall health and appearance of your yard.
Tree Disease
Treating Tree Fungus and Fighting Tree Disease in Winona, MN
Combat tree fungus and disease in Winona, MN, with Maier Tree & Lawn. Expert tips for Rochester and Winona residents to ensure healthy, thriving trees.
Commercial Blog Protecting Your Green Investments With A Plant Health Care Program Sideimage3608x341
General Plant Health Questions
How Professional Plant Healthcare Supports Consistent Growth In Rochester, MN
Signs of plant health come in different forms depending on the species. A plant’s physical structure and the luster and color of its leaves and stem may be indicative of good health or a warning of things to come.
Davey Tree Storm Damaged Split Branch
Tree Damage and Tree Removal
Major Storm Damage & Your Winona, MN, Trees
Trees can withstand many of the hazards posed by Mother Nature without batting her metaphorical eye, but sometimes the wrong combination of force and pressure is enough to do some real storm damage.
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