Professional Lawn Care Services Near Rochester, MN

At Maier Tree & Lawn, we recognize that your lawn is part of a complex ecosystem, therefore, it is crucial to keep this system in mind before conducting lawn care services and beginning lawn maintenance in the Rochester and Winona areas.

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Approach Lawn Care Through Science & Practice

Any company can claim that they will get you the lawn care results you desire, but none are as thorough and dedicated as the employees of Maier Tree & Lawn in Rochester, MN.

Our earth-friendly science and expertise mean that we have solutions for your lawn’s health that provide proven results. We offer both quality and value in all our services so you can rest assured that your lawn is in the best hands: lawn fertilization, aeration & seeding, weed control, soil testing & lawn analysis, and insect & fungus control.

Whether you’re located in Rochester, Winona, Stewartville, Byron, or anywhere in-between, our team of expert staff has the knowledge to understand your soil and turf and can guide you to a healthy, full and beautiful lawn.

Multi-Step Lawn Care Packages

Prices are based on the square footage, topography, and access of your lawn. We will accurately measure your lawn, do an analysis (with an optional soil test if requested) and give you an itemized proposal. Maier Tree & Lawn’s lawn care solutions are green, price-competitive and provide long lasting benefits.

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Application One

Early spring application of pre-emergent weed control with fertilizer as well as spot broad leaf weed control application. This round of our organic-based program uses a standard fertilizer.


Application Two

Early summer application of organic-based fertilizer with broad leaf weed control


Application Three

Summer application of organic-based fertilizer with broad leaf weed control. 


Application Four

Application of organic-based fertilizer with broadleaf weed control.



Early fall core aeration to aerate the root zone of the grass.


Application Five

Late fall application of organic-based fertilizer with broad leaf weed control, serving as a winterizer.

Lawn Fertilization near Rochester, Minnesota

Lawn Fertilization

Fertilizing is the cornerstone of any lawn service. There are three main types of nutrition you can use on your lawn: a refined elemental fertilizer, a refined elemental fertilizer with an organic base, or a top-dressing organic matter.

Aeration and Lawn Seeding near Rochester, Minnesota

Aeration & Seeding

Aeration and over-seeding go hand in hand and with Maier Tree & Lawn’s aeration and over-seeding process. Core aeration pulls plugs of soil from your lawn. This will lead to soil improvement by increasing oxygen to the soil and reducing thatch. It also helps to alleviate soil compaction which, in turn, promotes root growth and helps break down the thatch layer of your lawn.

Seeding immediately following aeration is the most cost effective and easiest way of introducing new grass cultivars into your lawn. A seeding rotation will help fill in bare and thin spots and help ensure any patchy areas of your lawn are soon covered by lush, thick grass.

Weed Control near Rochester, Minnesota

Weed Control

The biggest issue that people always want to discuss when it comes to their lawn is weeds and how to get rid of them.

The most common weed plants we see are dandelions, broadleaf plantain, clover, wild violets, creeping Charlie, common purslane, and chickweed.

Certain herbicides do have their place in a low input lawn. Often, when beginning a lawn care program, spot spraying or even cover spraying of weeds is necessary to give your grass a fighting chance.

Lawn Care Services near Rochester, Minnesota

Soil Testing & Lawn Analysis

Soil testing and complete lawn analysis are key in the design of your lawn care program. Used together, they provide a roadmap for caring for your lawn.  At Maier Tree & Lawn, we offer comprehensive soil testing which includes testing for various site conditions, expert analysis, and professional recommendations. 

Insect and Fungus Control near Rochester, Minnesota

Insect & Fungus Control

Pesky insects and bug can cause lots of issues in a lawn. Our insecticide and grub control are meant to prevent or stop damage to your lawn before it goes any further.

Turf diseases can develop on your lawn throughout the year. Most are a result of cultural practices within the specific conditions of your yard. Many turf diseases can be treated with fungicide, and/or mechanical practices.

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