Posted: January 31, 2024

Tree removal is often the very last resort in the world of tree health and management. It might become necessary after severe damage, uprooting, disease, or pest infestation. In some cases, however, it’s still possible to save the damaged tree before it’s too late. Maier Tree and Lawn provides in-depth tree evaluations to help assess whether or not a tree removal is actually necessary. And whenever possible, our experts will do whatever they can to save your Winona, MN trees.

Tree Removal May be the Best Option

There are some cases where it’s absolutely possible for tree removal to be your best option. This can be due to dangers such as fast-spreading diseases, falling hazards, or pest infestations. There can also be cases where tree removal isn’t required. Making that call can be the difference between losing major value to your property or finding the right team to help your tree recover.

Tree Evakuation

Tree evaluations involve everything from risk management for your property to identifying potential dangers that they might pose to the rest of your trees and plants. Depending on the extent and type of damage, some carefully introduced treatments and supports could be a solution to many of your tree’s problems. For instance, if the tree seems to have difficulty with branch loss, a thorough professional pruning may be all it needs. In other cases, pesticides or targeted tree disease treatments can alleviate some of the risk to your tree and your property. It all depends on the species, condition, and how quickly expert intervention is introduced.

Tree Removal Preserve Your Tree

If a tree evaluation finds that there are still actions to take to preserve your tree, our tree health professionals can work with you to make a plan of action. This may include adding supports, making structure-friendly cuts, or creating a treatment plan to handle more internal concerns.

If you have a problem tree on your Winona, MN property, don’t write it off before requesting a tree evaluation. Our professional and certified tree care experts here at Maier Tree and Lawn are always willing to support you through tree removal, but if your tree can be preserved, we can help. Contact us today at (507) 454-7000 or visit our website for additional information on our tree care services.

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