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Soil is populated by microorganisms that serve key roles in your landscape. If you build a good soil habitat with a balanced pH, adequate nutrients, good structure, and enough organic matter, those microbes will flourish and help to protect and nourish your plants.

Healthy soil will have a mix of nutrients, proper pH, good drainage and water-holding ability, and air movement.

Unhealthy soil that has been compacted, stripped of organic matter, and lacking in nutrients and oxygen will limit your plant growth, root development, and overall health.

At Maier Tree & Lawn, we offer comprehensive soil testing which includes testing for various site conditions, expert analysis, and professional recommendations.

Soil enrichment near Rochester, Minnesota

Soil Enrichment

Adds several important ingredients to the soil via soil injection under the entire drip-line and beyond. The addition of beneficial soil organisms, organic matter, and nutrients helps to decompact, replenish, and condition the soil for optimal root growth.

Root Enhancement near Rochester, Minnesota

Air Spade

A tool we use to safely remove soil around a root system. We may use an air spade to check for stem girdling roots or decay around the stem and root plate, or we can safely remove or stir up larger volumes of compacted soil to amend and replace. The process of root enhancement is a service we provide to do that specifically. It is a tremendous tool in keeping trees healthy.

Biochar Fertilizer near Rochester, Minnesota

Biochar Fertilization System

The biochar fertilization system is a newer technique that offers state-of-the-art help for your soil. There are many common conditions in landscape soil that are often unhealthy. Landscape soil that is unhealthy usually has low organic matter, less microbial life, poor soil structure that has compaction, and lower water and nutrient retention. Properly balanced and available nutrients are required for healthy trees and landscapes.

Biochar is an organic matter that is created by heating recycled wood waste under low oxygen conditions. The final product can be stored in the ground for decades. Biochar holds open the pores of the soil, allowing air, water, and nutrients to enter the soil, making the soil more optimal.

Holding open the pores of the soil also makes the soil more resistant to compaction. This reduces the chances of the soil decaying or compacting over time and allows it to maintain its nutrients. This will allow your trees and landscaping to prosper for years to come.

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Plant Growth near Rochester, Minnesota

Plant Growth Regulator

A soil-applied product that is absorbed through the roots. It gently slows the growth of a tree, allowing it to redirect some of its energy from its canopy to defense chemicals, fibrous root growth, and other uses. It is used to control growth, help roots compete in turf and compacted soils, and re-establish roots after being damaged. It is often used before and after construction and when fighting chlorosis on high-value trees and trees in small spaces.

Tree Nutrient Injector in Rochester, Minnesota

Nutrient Injection

Treats a condition called chlorosis. Chlorosis is a serious condition where a tree’s ability to manufacture chlorophyll has been compromised. Without sufficient chlorophyll a tree cannot make food for itself. These injections stimulate the production of chlorophyll by adding iron or manganese. Best practices include using nutrient injections with a plant growth regulator to further address issues.


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