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Look Out For Winter Tree Damage
Tree Care for Your Winona, MN Trees
Tree care will help your trees survive the extreme winter weather Winona, MN can have. To better to protect your trees call Maier tree and Lawn today.
Best Shrubs To Plant In Fall
Fall Shrub Care in Rochester, MN
Shrub care is best done before the winter weather sets in. Shrubs taken care of in the fall will do better in the spring. Call the experts at Maier Tree and Lawn.
Green Trees Banner Stock2
Tree Damage Caused by Storms in Winona, MN
Tree damage from storms need the help of a professional. They will be able to help your tree look good again and to continue to grow.
Emerald Ash Borer Facts
Tree Pests and Borers and How to Fight Them in Rochester, MN
Emerald Ash borer spread rapidly. Your best line of defense is to call in the tree professionals.
General Plant Health Questions
Weed Management in your Winona, MN Garden
How To Identify Tree Borers
EAB Emerald Ash Borer
Emerald Ash Borer Infestations in Rochester, MN
Emerald ash borer can be very devastating to your trees. Call a professional to save your tree.
Soggy Lawn
Lawn Maintenance
Lawn Health Symptoms: Overwatered Grass in Winona, MN
If your lawn is showing signs and symptoms of being overwatered, the lawn care experts at Maier Tree and Lawn can help. Our lawn health team can help diagnose overwatering issues, provide anti-fungal treatments for lawn surfaces, and help you make a plan to prevent overwatering in the future.
Why should you prune your trees
Tree Pruning
How to Tell If Your Trees Need Pruning in Rochester, MN
Knowing when a tree needs pruning is a skill that most Rochester, MN homeowners could benefit from. When it’s time to prune, there will be a variety of signs and symptoms to watch for that will, over time, worsen without attention.
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