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Spring Plant Care for Your Rochester, MN Gardens

May 26th, 2023 · No Comments

Early spring is a crucial time for gardeners in Rochester, MN. After the long, icy winter, it’s the perfect time to get a jumpstart on a bountiful year of growth. Whether you’re cultivating veggies, flowers, or native grasses, taking advantage of spring can bolster your sprouts for the tougher seasons to come. Maier Tree and Lawn is proud to provide supplementary care for your garden to help guarantee that your plants have a prosperous post-winter burst.

The Importance of Soil Care

Practicing well-rounded soil and plant care means merging your efforts with the talents of plant health care professionals. By combining your hands-on gardening and daily care with expert tools and evaluations, it’s possible to foster high-yield, nutrition-heavy environments for any type of Minnesota garden. An excellent place to start is to have our professionals evaluate the condition of your soil.

Soil can Become Compacted

Following a long winter, the soil in your garden may become compacted or nutrient deficient. Even healthy plants can have a hard time growing in a garden where the soil isn’t taken care of properly. The state of your soil can change a lot from year to year or even season to season. To improve the health of the soil, we offer aeration services, options for fertilization, and personalized soil care programs. These steps can help improve your property’s ecosystem, allowing your plants to grow healthier.

Proper Plant Care is Essential

If you’re confident in the state of your soil, then it’s time to turn your attention to the plants themselves. Spring is a great time to reflect on previous years of growth and try to identify areas in need. Did you encounter any pests last year? Was pruning a part of your regular plant care routine? Did any plants struggle while others flourished? Keeping a record of your garden’s progress is a simple way to identify troubling trends or unexpected successes. If you don’t have a record in place, taking a close look at your plants and noting any current concerns is a great place to start. If you have noted any concerns, then a checkup with a plant care expert may help prevent the problem from persisting into another growth season.

Once you’ve taken care of the soil and checked your plants for obvious problems, you can make a plan for daily or weekly maintenance that fits the needs of your plants. Your spring plant care routine can include watering, fertilizing, getting rid of pests, and adding extra nutrients. By taking the time to evaluate your soil, prune your plants, water properly, and fertilize, you can create a beautiful and healthy garden that will thrive all year long.

If your Rochester, MN garden is struggling to get off the ground this spring, Maier Tree and Lawn is here to help. For soil care, plant care, and more, our team can help you diagnose and evaluate what your garden needs in order to thrive. Contact us today at (507) 286–8733 or visit our website here for more information.


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Weed Removal Methods for Rochester, MN Property Owners

April 27th, 2023 · No Comments

Weed removal in Rochester, MN is an essential task for homeowners and property managers alike. Unwanted weeds not only detract from the appearance of a property, but they can also compete with desired plants for nutrients and water, ultimately impacting their growth and health. At Maier Tree and Lawn, we can help you develop a lawn care plan that ensures a thriving, healthy, weed-free lawn and doesn’t break the bank or your back.

Weed Removal

One of the most common methods for weed removal is manual removal. Understandably, this is what most people picture when they think of weeding. The process involves physically pulling or digging up weeds by the roots. This may sound simple, but if you don’t remove the entire root system when pulling weeds, you can end up with quick regrowth. This sort of work can be grueling, time-consuming, and, depending upon the size and state of the lawn, impossible to do in a single day.

Appropriate and Safe Usage of Herbicides for Effective Weed Removal

The use of appropriate herbicides, when carefully applied, can help eradicate unwanted weeds and prevent future weed growth. While this method can be effective, it’s important for laypeople to use caution when applying these chemicals. Without expertise, they can potentially harm other plants and wildlife in the area. Relying on the lawn care professionals at Maier Tree and Lawn can reduce the risk of damage and ensure a comprehensive and balanced application of weed control solutions.

Healthy Lawns Have Fewer Weed Problems

Whether you’re aiming for a hands-on approach or are interested in long-lasting results and professional interventions, at the end of the day, one of the best ways to ensure comprehensive weed management is to maintain a healthy lawn. Weeds struggle to thrive in lush, dense ecosystems. Practicing regular seasonal care such as aeration, fertilization, weed control, and watering can do wonders for your current turf growth and minimize opportunities for weeds.

If you’re not sure which method is best for your property, the lawn care professionals at Maier Tree and Lawn are here to help. Weed removal is an important task for maintaining the health and appearance of properties in Rochester, MN. By utilizing the appropriate removal methods and relying on expert intervention, property owners can ensure that their lawns can thrive. Rochester, MN residents seeking weed removal support can contact us today at (507) 286-8733 or visit our website here for more information.

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Springtime Tree Care and Health Evaluations in Winona, MN

April 12th, 2023 · No Comments

Springtime tree care is an essential aspect of maintaining healthy and thriving trees in Winona, MN. As the winter months come to a close, it’s important to take a closer look at your tree’s health and assess any damage or concerns that may have arisen during the harsh weather. The first big melt of the new year is an excellent opportunity to evaluate tree health and reach out to Maier Tree and Lawn for an expert evaluation.

Spring is a Great Time to Inspect Your Trees

One of the first steps in spring tree care is to perform a thorough tree health inspection. Look for any signs of damage, such as broken or dead branches, cracks in the trunk, or signs of disease or pest infestation. If any issues are detected, it’s important to address them promptly to prevent further damage to the tree and ensure its overall health. Depending on the extent of the damage, it may even be a public safety issue to wait, so speed is of the essence.

Professional Pruning Improves Tree Care

After an initial evaluation, you may want to consider professional pruning. Pruning helps shape the tree and remove those dead or damaged branches. This also promotes healthy growth and can improve the appearance of the tree, especially if it’s looking ragged after the winter. When pruning, it’s essential to rely on professional intervention to prevent inconsistent cuts and mitigate risk.

Proper Watering for Great Tree Care

If your tree is looking pruned and pretty, you’ll want to start planning out your daily tree care routines for the season. Watering, for instance, is key. As the weather warms up, trees may require more water. Ensure that the tree is receiving adequate water, but be careful not to overwater, as this can lead to root rot and other tree health issues.

Fertilization and Soil Management

Fertilizing is also important in the spring to promote tree health. If your trees are young or need a nutrient boost, consult with a tree health professional to see what sort of intervention they recommend. They’ll consider the soil around the tree and evaluate what it needs. Sometimes fertilizer may not be the only solution. For instance, if the soil is compacted or lacking nutrients, they may recommend aerating or adding mulch to improve the soil quality and promote healthy root growth.

Regardless of where you start, springtime tree care is an important task to ensure the health and longevity of your trees in Winona, MN. After requesting a thorough inspection from Maier Tree and Lawn, we offer pruning, watering, fertilizing, and will address any soil concerns. With our help, you can ensure your trees thrive and continue to provide beauty and shade for years to come. Contact Maier Tree and Lawn today at (507) 454-7000 or visit our website here for more information.

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Pruning Trees in Rochester, MN

March 27th, 2023 · No Comments

Living in a residential area can be tricky when your trees begin to outgrow their space. Pruning trees in Rochester, MN is a vital task for maintaining the health and safety of your community, and late winter is a great time for tree pruning. The tree care experts at Maier Tree and Lawn can help you tend to your trees and ensure that they stay healthy and safe for as long as possible.

Tree care and tree pruning go hand in hand.

Risk prevention aside, pruning is also an essential part of comprehensive tree care. It allows the tree to grow to its full potential, provides opportunities to check for pests and tree disease, and fosters a consistent growth pattern or structure that can help prevent limb failure. Another reason pruning trees in Rochester is also important for aesthetic reasons. Trees that are not properly pruned can become unhealthy and unsightly, affecting the overall appearance of your property. By taking care of your trees, you can help maintain the natural beauty and improve the overall look of your land.

Tree maintenance

Pruning trees in Rochester, MN is an important task for maintaining the health and safety of the community as well as improving the overall appearance of the city. By working with our dedicated team of arborists, Rochester, MN residents can protect, beautify, and preserve their valuable trees. If you have one or several trees that need tree care support, we can help.

Rochester, MN residents can contact Maier Tree and Lawn today at (507) 286–8733 to discuss our tree care options or schedule tree pruning. If you have concerns about a tree on your property but aren’t sure what to do, call us today or visit our website here for more information. Professional pruning might just be the solution your tree needs!


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Lawn Care and Pest Management in Winona, MN

March 13th, 2023 · No Comments

Winona, MN is known for its lush greenery and beautiful bluffs, but maintaining these natural landscapes can be a challenge, especially if you’re contending with pests. Lawn care comes with pest management, and with Maier Tree and Lawn at your disposal, you can manage pests in your plants and allow your gardens and grass to flourish in peace. You don’t have to be a professional forester to know the struggles of pest management.

Minnesotans have plenty of pests and bugs to deal with right on their own lawns.

A wide variety of beetles, worms, moths, and grubs are all native residents of our state, and with them come nests, webs, and infestations. Sometimes these visitors are just passing through, but if and when they settle in to stay, you may find yourself dealing with unexpected damage to your lawn.

Different pests have different ways to cause harm to your lawn care process.

Some pests feed on the roots of the grass, causing damage that can lead to brown patches and even death. Others create nests and webs that cover the surface of your plants. And then there are those ever-hungry types that unceasingly munch on leaves and cause significant leaf and plant damage.

Many pests can be controlled and mitigated by using proper lawn care practices.

Just as the type of damage can vary, so does the treatment. Some pest management is best done with preventative care, but other infestations may require comprehensive pesticide applications. It can be difficult to diagnose pest damage without expertise. Relying on the lawn care professionals at Maier Tree and Lawn can help you narrow down the culprits and devise a integrated pest management plan that best suits your lawn.

It’s important to remember that, when it comes to lawn care, you can do everything right and still end up with a pest problem. Even if you’re looking for pests and maintaining proper lawn care practices, such as watering, fertilization, and mowing, you can still end up struggling with insect problems. A tailored integrated pest management plan may be just what you need to rid your property of troublesome insects.

Winona, MN residents in need of pest removal or lawn care support can contact Maier Tree and Lawn today at (507) 454-7000 or visit our website here for more information. If you’re noticing the signs of a pest problem, call today and start your lawn recovery.


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The Three Stages of Early Spring Lawn Care in Winona, MN

February 27th, 2023 · No Comments

As the snow begins to melt and the weather starts to warm up, it’s time to start thinking about early spring lawn care in Winona, MN. Proper care during the early spring months is essential for maintaining a healthy and attractive lawn, and for preparing it for the growing season ahead. At Maier Tree and Lawn, our lawn professionals recommend a multilayered care regimen to yield the best results for your lawn’s growth period.

Stage 1: Surface

One of the first tasks in early spring lawn care is raking and removing debris. As the snow melts, it can leave behind leaves, twigs, and other fragments that can suffocate your grass and prevent it from growing properly. Use a rake or a leaf blower to remove such debris from your lawn, and properly dispose of it. Excess buildup of debris on your lawn can contribute to fungal growth or other potential environmental hazards.

Stage 2: Soil

Next, it’s important to prep the soil. This can be done by aerating your lawn, which involves poking small holes in the soil to improve drainage and allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass. Aeration is especially important in Minnesota, where the soil can become compacted during the winter months. This step allows lawn fertilizer to more easily penetrate the surface and benefit your turf.

Stage 3: Supplement

After aerating your lawn, you can apply lawn fertilizer to help your grass grow. Lawn fertilizers are designed to provide the nutrients that your grass needs to thrive, and can help to promote strong, healthy growth in the early spring. Our lawn professionals can help you determine the type, amount, and frequency of application required in order to best suit your particular lawn’s needs.

Lawn Care

In addition to these tasks, early spring is also a good time to check your lawn for signs of damage or disease. Look for patches of dead or thinning grass and consult our lawn professionals with any questions. Our solutions may result in reseeding bare spots, applying herbicides or fungicides, or altering your regular lawn care routines.

Professional Lawn Care

With the proper steps, our team can help ensure the health and vitality of your Winona, MN, lawn as it emerges from its winter dormancy. Contact our lawn care experts at (507) 454-7000 or visit Maier Tree and Lawn’s website here for additional information.



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Comprehensive Tree Care on Your Rochester, MN, Property

February 16th, 2023 · No Comments

Keeping attractive trees on your Rochester, MN, property is important for enhancing the beauty and value of your home or business. To keep your trees looking their best, you need to provide the right kind of care and attention. Such maintenance can involve a range of tasks, depending on the type of trees you have and the conditions on your property. Maier Tree and Lawn’s certified arborists and tree care professionals can help you beautify your trees and let your property meet and exceed its visual potential.

Tree Care

A key aspect of maintaining attractive trees is regular, professional pruning, which involves removing dead, damaged, or dying limbs from your trees; as well as reducing or removing limbs with poor attachment. This can help to improve the shape and structure of your trees, and can also help to keep your trees uniform in size and style. Leaving this task to a certified arborist can help ensure quality, consistent results.


In addition to pruning, you should also provide your trees with the right amount of moisture. In Minnesota, where the climate can be harsh and the soil is often rocky or sandy, keeping trees properly hydrated can be challenging. Be sure to water your trees regularly, especially during dry spells, and consider using mulch or other organic matter to help retain moisture in the soil. Hydrating trees will help growth in general, but will also ensure lush color and healthy leaves.

Spring Storms Tree Care

If you’ve already taken the preceding steps to ensure your trees’ basic health, protecting your trees from the elements can be the cherry on top of your usual tree care regimen. For instance, being prepared for spring storms and removing dead or damaged branches before they can cause further damage definitely helps keep your trees healthy. Keep an eye on weather forecasts, and if damage does occur, reach out to a certified arborist to request assistance immediately.


Beautiful trees are a key part to any happy, flourishing Rochester, MN, property. By taking the preceding maintenance steps, you can help ensure the health and vitality of your trees, and keep them looking their best. Maier Tree and Lawn’s tree care professionals and team of certified arborists can help. Call us today at (507) 286–8733.



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Post-Winter Aeration in Rochester, MN

January 30th, 2023 · No Comments

Getting your lawn back up to speed after a lingering winter can take a little extra TLC for Rochester, MN, homeowners. Once the last of the ice melts, taking stock of your soil’s condition and making a game plan can help your grass bounce back faster and your spring growth really flourish. Maier Tree and Lawn provides comprehensive lawn care and specialized soil support such as aeration services. If your soil suffered this winter, we can help.


Aeration is a conceptually simple process: by removing precise plugs of soil across the surface of a lawn, additional space is made for the passage of water and nutrients. Compacted soil can be pressed together so tightly that it prevents essential nourishment to reach the roots of your grass and other growths. This can be especially problematic after a long, dry winter. Heavy ice and snow pressing down on the surface of your lawn, mixed with foot traffic and salt, is a dangerous risk to healthy soil.

Lawn Care

Lawn care processes such as aeration give your property the flexibility to effectively self-manage itself. Though aeration can certainly be accompanied by additional lawn care such as fertilizing and extra watering, the aeration process alone can minimize a wide variety of soil-related ailments. It’s a powerful tool in the arsenal of any lawn care enthusiast.

Following the winter melt, be sure to check your soil for signs of compaction. Is it hard to the touch? Is grass struggling to grow? Does water pool on top instead of sink down? If you’re noticing any or all of these symptoms it can be helpful to consult with a lawn care expert about your options. It’s very possible that aeration is the solution you’re looking for.

Rochester, MN, area property owners can reach out to Maier Tree and Lawn at (507) 286–8733 or visit our website here to learn more about aeration and post-winter lawn care. Our professional support team can help make a basic care plan or a targeted recovery plan for your property. Call today to find out more!







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How Lawn Fungus Can Overtake Your Winona, MN, Property

January 16th, 2023 · No Comments

Fungus is a natural part of most ecosystems, and Winona, MN, lawns are no exception. Fungal spores can be present without inherently causing a problem—they float around and eat away at dead lawn matter. However, given an opportunity, lawn fungus can overstay its welcome and become a serious risk for lawns and turf. Maier Tree and Lawn provides fungus control for your grass and property to ensure a natural balance year-round.

Fungus Control is Necessary to Protect Your Lawn

Part of the risk of fungus comes with how quickly it can take root and spread with minimal notice. The occasional mushroom isn’t necessarily the end of the world, but excessive fungus can be a lawn killer. A small amount of fungus with adequate resources can expand across an entire lawn if left unchecked, and it can be difficult to identify early warning signs without experience in fungus control.


Once fungus has appeared on your property, it requires nutrients like food and water just like any other growth. And some need a lot of nutrients to survive. This can mean that fungus pulls away essential nutrients from your grass and garden. Even a small patch of mushrooms or a ring of brown grass is enough to disrupt a healthy lawn.


The good news is that fungus is manageable and preventable with the right application of fungus control. Fungus experts can help you identify the type of fungus you’re dealing with and create a care plan to clear it away from your lawn before it causes irreversible damage. This may include comprehensive antifungal treatment, a change in overall care, or precise spot management to ensure that the problem no longer persists.

For Fungus Control

If your Winona, MN, property has been impacted by lawn fungus or you’re looking for fungus control support, Maier Tree and Lawn can help. Call us today at (507) 454-7000 or visit our website here for more information.

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Winter Firewood Safety and Tree Pest Management in Rochester, MN

December 30th, 2022 · No Comments

Winter in Rochester, MN, is the perfect time to indulge in the occasional campfire or classic cozy fireplace, and in most cases, this activity requires minimal forethought when temperatures are low. However, utilizing wood in Minnesota comes with an inherent risk that is important to remember—even when warmth is a priority. Maier Tree and Lawn encourages property and business owners alike to stay on top of firewood quarantines to help stymie the spread of tree pests and tree diseases across Minnesota. This especially includes firewood transportation during winter months when travel is common and frigid temperatures rule the state.

Tree Pests

Tree pests that inhabit firewood vary from beetles and moths to borers and beyond. In Minnesota, emerald ash borers and spongy moths are especially relevant concerns in 2022. These tree pests can reside within firewood and quickly spread when given the opportunity. Similar to contagious tree diseases, tree pests benefit from minimal oversight. They can lay eggs in hard-to-spot places and quickly overtake vulnerable tree populations.

Active Quarantines

Staying aware of active quarantines can help mitigate the spread of tree pests in Minnesota, but it’s also important to keep a keen eye out for signs and symptoms that a tree pest or tree disease has taken root in your area. Tree care experts like the professionals with Maier Tree and Lawn ask that firewood managers and tree owners watch for defoliation, discoloration, unusual markings, or other notable patterns in your wood.

If you spot a potential problem with your firewood this winter, Maier Tree and Lawn can help you make risk assessments, treatment plans, and safe firewood handling decisions. Rochester, MN, area residents can rely on our tree pest experts to identify infested trees and support tree owners in stopping pest and tree disease spread in its tracks.

If you have concerns about the health of your Rochester, MN, trees, contact us today at (507) 286–8733 or visit our website here for more information. Be sure to use firewood responsibly, and consult tree care professionals if something with the wood or your trees seems strange. Call today for more information on our pest management options and comprehensive tree care support services.



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