Posted: November 27, 2023

Winters in Winona, MN can be relentless. Icy winds, heavy precipitation, and frigid temperatures only seem enhanced by the frozen river and snowy bluffs. Worst of all, these conditions can be killer for bluff trees and city trees alike. To strengthen your trees against potential tree damage and ensure their health throughout this challenging season, Maier Tree and Lawn encourages a strategy of beneficial tree care.

Tree Care to Prevent Damage

The foundation of winter tree care begins with a comprehensive assessment of a tree’s overall health. A meticulous examination should be carried out by tree care professionals to identify any signs of disease or infestations by destructive pests. Addressing these concerns preemptively, well before winter settles in, is pivotal. Trees compromised by disease or weakened by pests are far more susceptible to the stress of winter, and timely intervention can curtail further deterioration and bolster their vitality.

In addition to vigilance regarding disease and pests, it's crucial to consider the structural integrity of our trees. Branches and limbs should be scrutinized for any indications of weakness, cracks, or damage. These vulnerable areas are prone to tree damage during winter storms, and addressing them beforehand is an insurance policy against potential issues.

Tree Care to Protect Against Winter Harm

The safeguarding of our trees against winter's wrath is a multifaceted process, but not one that can be done haphazardly. For instance, employing tree wraps or guards can offer insulation and protection against sunscald and animal damage, but should only be applied by a tree expert’s recommendation. Moreover, in the event of substantial snowfall, the prudent removal of excess snow from tree branches can alleviate overloading and the subsequent risk of breakage, but the process can be dangerous without the right tools or preparation.

Instead of adding last-minute supports once winter has already set in, make sure your trees are ready for the season by the end of fall. Our tree care professionals can help you identify potential risk factors for winter tree damage and make a protective plan in advance of the snow. Winona, MN tree owners can contact Maier Tree and Lawn for late fall and early winter tree care at (507) 454-7000 or visit our website to make your appointment today.

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