Posted: September 19, 2022

Leaves aren’t like mood rings that will tell you how your Rochester, MN, plants are feeling at any given moment, but they can be an effective guide in spotting plants’ problem areas or health concerns. If you’re passionate about plant care and are trying to get into some good habits, checking out the leaves of your plants semi-regularly can help catch concerns before they sprout into something more severe. At Maier Tree and Lawn, our plant health experts are available to consult with any plant problem areas you may find, whether you’re sure there’s something wrong or just need a little guidance.

Leaves For Evaluating Plant Health

Because they are often an abundant part of flowering plants, leaves can be helpful in evaluating plant health at a glance. It’s wise to check them regularly because you can establish a baseline for what's “normal” for the various species on your property. Leaves come in all shapes and sizes and what’s healthy for some may be a sign to worry in others. But there are a few signs that are fairly universal in the language of plant care.

Leaves Wilting, Changing Color, Or Dropping

If you notice that any of your plants are experiencing significant wilting, discoloration, or leaf loss, take these as warning signs that there may be a plant health concern at play. The problem can be anything from inadequate nutrients to a plant disease, but regardless of the source, these symptoms are worth keeping in check. Even discoloration localized to a single part of the leaf could be a hint of some sort of plant care problem. And sudden changes of any type are worth noting.

Holes, Fuzz, Or Bugs

Another excellent hint that something is awry with your plants’ health is copious nibbles from the leaf flesh, mold spores, or strange fuzz, and, perhaps obviously, pests crawling on the plants. Some of this may seem like a natural byproduct of existing in nature, but ideally your plants should not suffer an excess of pest-like visitors or mold. These particular signs are high-level plant care concerns and should be addressed as quickly as possible to preserve the health of your plants.

If you’re noticing any of the preceding plant health concerns on your property, the plant and lawn care professionals with Maier Tree and Lawn can help. Insecticides, fertilizers, soil evaluations, and more could be in the cards to treat your flagging plants. Our experts can help determine what your plants need and how to make a plan that will help them thrive. If you have plant health concerns in Rochester, MN, call (507) 286–8733 today or visit our website here for more information.

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