Shrub Removal in Rochester, Minnesota

Professional Shrub Removal

When someone thinks of the word “shrub,” a small, woody type of plant usually comes to mind.

A shrub can be anything as tall as a small tree and have multiple stems, which, in some cases, can make shrub removal a difficult task! Whether it’s small and decorative or several feet in diameter and height, proper shrub removal tactics need to be considered.

Another consideration is whether there are other plants near the shrub and how the removal process should be performed to not cause them damage.

While it may appear to be an easy DIY project, sometimes it requires quite a bit more than simply cutting it off at the ground and thinking you’re done! Some varieties put down deep roots, and if the shrub isn’t removed correctly, it will simply grow back.

Our trained and certified staff will start by examining and identifying the shrub, carefully studying the ground and any other plants near the shrub and creating a plan for its proper removal.

We will also dispose of the shrub, and, depending on your needs, either fill in the hole or plant a replacement shrub.


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