Mulching Benefits: Root Growth, Weed Control & Soil Microbes 

Mulching, when done correctly, can lower landscape bedding maintenance and provide beneficial support to the flora in the landscape setting.

Mulch helps to conserve water, prevent it from evaporating too quickly, and serve to moderate soil temperatures.

While mulch is available in an array of colors, textures, and materials, using the proper type of mulch for a landscape project is important, and understanding how much should be applied is crucial to the health and survival of the landscape plants.

There is a wide variety of mulch products available on the market, but one needs to know what the differences are and if a particular mulch will benefit or hurt the plants it surrounds.

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Applying Mulch Properly

It’s also possible to apply too much or too little mulch for a particular landscape application.

Common mulch questions we hear from homeowners:

  • Should you lay mulch over a tree’s root ball?
  • Is it okay to layer the mulch right up against the base of the tree?
  • How many inches of mulch should you use for a newly planted tree?
  • Is that amount different for an established tree?
  • How far from the tree should the mulch extend?

Our professionals can determine the best types of mulch to suit your tree and landscaping needs and, by using various colors and textures, help create an easily maintainable and visually appealing, inviting environment.

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