Posted: July 25, 2017

At Maier Tree, we’re all about helping you add to the curb appeal of the trees at your Winona, MN, residence. Their health is our number one priority, of course, but who doesn’t want their trees to look their best as well?

Throughout our series of posts, we’ve talked about the negative impacts to the health and aesthetic appeal of trees such as infestation, severe weather conditions, and lack of proper pruning.

While the topic we’re going to talk about today isn’t necessarily threatening to your tree, it's an issue that needs to be addressed right away.

Above-ground roots that begin to spread don’t exactly provide the picturesque appeal you hope for.

First, we’re going to review some of the common mistakes people make when trying to cover above-ground roots. Then we’ll explain why mulch can provide a safe and aesthetically appealing solution.

Common Mistakes Made When Dealing with Above Ground Roots

 Some of the most common mistakes when dealing with above ground roots include:

  • Putting grass or flowers over them – This seems like a sound strategy, but the plants or grass won’t get much sunlight due to the coverage of the tree canopy
  • Adding topsoil – Even if done correctly, the roots will appear again. Worse, if the topsoil is added incorrectly, it could block nutrients your tree needs
  • Trying to remove the roots – This process often causes harm to the tree and might even result in its death

Want to Cover Your Above Ground Roots? Use Mulch

We have good news. Mulch provides the perfect solution to your above ground root problems for several reasons:

  • It’s safe – adding organic mulch strengthens your roots while covering them, whereas other solutions may harm the tree.
  • It’s appealing – You won’t have to deal with dead plants or roots that remerge quickly after adding topsoil

Maier Tree can help add mulch to your above ground roots. We can also provide a host of tree care services catered to your trees in your Winona, MN residence.

For more information on mulch, other services, or to ask a question, simply give us a call at (507) 454-7000.

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