We Ensure That Your Entire Lawn’s Ecosystem Will Stay Healthy & Efficient

At Maier Tree & Lawn, our fertilization program addresses the source of potential problems with your trees and shrubs. The two greatest stresses on urban trees are soil compaction and water stress. With our root care program, however, these problems can be solved.

Urban soils are often compacted. This makes it difficult for water and oxygen to get to the tree root zone (3 to 18 inches deep). When roots don’t have room to grow, trees and shrubs miss opportunities to absorb water and nutrients. They become drought stressed, undernourished, and susceptible to many other secondary problems.

Our fertilization program adds several important ingredients to the soil to help combat soil compaction and water stress. By making sure the tree can access the nutrients it needs, we ensure that your entire landscape’s ecosystem will stay healthy and efficient.

Tree Nutrients in Rochester, Minnesota

Nutrient Injection

Treats a condition called chlorosis. Chlorosis is a serious condition where a tree’s ability to manufacture chlorophyll has been compromised. Without sufficient chlorophyll a tree cannot make food for itself. These injections stimulate the production of chlorophyll by adding iron or manganese. Best practices include using nutrient injections with a plant growth regulator to further address issues.

Tree Fertilization near Rochester, Minnesota

Advanced Tree Fertilization

Davey's Arbor Green PRO® is the most significant advancement in tree fertilization since the original Arbor Green® was patented in 1978. Comprised of the highest-quality nutrients, including synthesized organic nitrogen fortified with polyamino acids, Arbor Green PRO is formulated in just the right ratio to maximize the nutrient's effect. It offers more value per dollar than any other complete formulation on the market.


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