Posted: August 14, 2023

Weed management is a key aspect of maintaining healthy, thriving plants in your Winona, MN garden. Anyone who has tried to garden during the spring in Minnesota knows that weeds can quickly overtake a plot. While some stray growth can add a little rustic charm, too much growth may end up looking unkempt rather than pleasantly wild. Regular weeding can help keep a garden healthy and beautiful, but sometimes hand-weeding isn’t enough. If your Winona area property is struggling with weed growth, Maier Tree and Lawn is here to help.

Weed Removal is Beneficial

As most gardeners know, weeds compete with plants for nutrients, water, and sunlight, which can compromise their growth and health. This is often enough of an incentive to invest some time and elbow grease into weed management. Removing weeds from gardens helps ensure that desired plants have the resources they need to thrive. In many ways, regular weed management is a necessary part of a comprehensive plant care plan. But the benefits of weed removal don't end with the nutritional ones.

Weeds are a wildcard in an otherwise predictable garden. They may attract pests and diseases or even pose a threat to native species. Of course, not all weeds are necessarily invasive in our region, but if they’re edging out desired plants, then they may as well be. By removing weeds from gardens, you are effectively taking steps to protect and de-stress the local ecosystem.

Target Weed Control Strategies

A core goal of weed management is to remove those wildcard plants without damaging nearby sprouts or disturbing the soil. Hand weeding is a long-standing favorite as it allows gardeners to target specific weeds and minimize damage to surrounding plants, but it isn’t always the most effective or efficient. For large properties, serious weed problems, or gardeners looking for more permanent solutions, Maier Tree and Lawn’s plant care professionals can help you find the perfect answer to your weed conundrum.


Weed management, done carefully and deliberately, can keep your gardens beautiful and healthy. If you’re looking for long-lasting weed removal solutions in Winona, MN, call Maier Tree and Lawn to find out more about our plant care and garden support options. Winona residents can contact us at (507) 454-7000 or visit our website here to find out more today.

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