Posted: January 23, 2024

After a winter storm in Rochester, MN, it can be difficult to assess the extent of damage done to your property. Whether there is a new blanket of snow, difficult-to-traverse ice, or simply poor visibility, you may not have a good sense of the damage done until days or even weeks later. This also applies to your trees. In some cases, a felled tree will make itself completely known. Wind damage, however, isn’t always obvious. At Maier Tree and Lawn, we provide tree evaluations year-round, including in the winter, to ensure that your trees stay intact and healthy until spring and beyond.

Obvious Wind Damage

Once the storm has passed, you may look out your window and find that one of your trees has been damaged. This could mean it’s leaning at a new angle, toppled over entirely from the roots, or has experienced breakage at the trunk or canopy. It may seem like a total loss at first glance, but depending on the type and extent of damage, a wind-damaged tree can sometimes still be salvaged.

For obvious and significant damage, it’s important to resist the urge to go investigate yourself. A leaning tree that has not yet fallen is a major hazard, and staying away from its fall zone is very important.

However, you can’t ignore the problem either. Leaving a damaged tree without any follow-up tree care can exacerbate the issue. Instead, be sure to reach out to Maier Tree and Lawn’s tree care professionals to come evaluate and treat the tree. This applies to severe damage and more subtle damage as well.

Subtle Wind Damage

Fallen trees are a clear hazard to the naked eye, but it’s also possible for wind damage to leave breakage and tree injury that may go unnoticed without a closer inspection. This can be in the form of loose or broken branches, partial root damage, or general threats to the tree’s integrity, such as cracks or gouges.


If you’re not sure about the extent of the damage, look for signs such as unusual swaying, displaced branches, or creaking and cracking noises that were not present before. If a tree is showing any of these signs, it’s time to request a tree care professional. There are many methods of evaluating a tree safely, and Maier Tree and Lawn is always happy to provide evaluations regarding a tree’s status.

Rochester, MN area residents that have experienced winter wind damage to their trees can contact us today at (507) 286–8733 or by visiting our website. Don’t leave the health of your trees to the whims of the wind!

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