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Lawn Care Tips
Lawn Care & Pest Management In Winona, MN
Lawn care comes with pest management, and with Maier Tree and Lawn at your disposal, you can manage pests in your plants and allow your gardens and grass to flourish in peace.
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Lawn Care Services
The Three Stages Of Early Spring Lawn Care In Winona, MN
Proper care during the early spring months is essential for maintaining a healthy and attractive lawn, and for preparing it for the growing season ahead.
Spring Tree Inspection
Tree Care
Comprehensive Tree Care On Your Rochester, MN, Property
Maier Tree and Lawn’s certified arborists and tree care professionals can help you beautify your trees and let your property meet and exceed its visual potential.
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Lawn Care Tips
Post-Winter Aeration In Rochester, MN
Once the last of the ice melts, taking stock of your soil’s condition and making a game plan can help your grass bounce back faster and your spring growth really flourish.
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Lawn Care Services
How Lawn Fungus Can Overtake Your Winona, MN, Property
Lawn fungus can overstay its welcome and become a serious risk for lawns and turf. Maier Tree and Lawn provides fungus control for your grass and property to ensure a natural balance year-round.
Tree Pests
Winter Firewood Safety & Tree Pest Management In Rochester, MN
Maier Tree and Lawn encourage property and business owners alike to stay on top of firewood quarantines to help stymie the spread of tree pests and tree diseases across Minnesota.
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Tree Care
Woodland Management & Forestry Services Near Winona, MN
Our woodland management team can help you strategize and organize to ensure that your property thrives in the local ecosystem and satisfies your personal woodland objectives.
Will Trees Recover From Ice
Tree Damage and Tree Removal
How Much Ice Is Too Much? Preventing Ice Related Tree Damage In Winona, MN
If you notice any visible buildup of ice on your trees or any sign of weather-based damage, contact Maier Tree and Lawn to consult with our tree damage professionals.
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