Posted: January 13, 2022

In the midst of a snowy winter, the state of your grass tends to become a lower priority for you and most Rochester, MN, area residents, and understandably so. Spending energy worrying about your grass when you can’t even see it beneath white blankets of ice and snow may feel like an act of lawn care futility. But at Maier Tree and Lawn, we provide year-round lawn care support and education to ensure that your property comes out of every season as healthy as possible. For lawns impacted by snow mold, fungal mitigation is almost certainly part of that process.

Lawn Fungus

Snow mold is one of the few lawn funguses that truly thrive in the frigid winter months. It grows beneath the layers of snow that cover your lawn and grows more quickly as winter nears its end. The snow provides a sort of insulating layer that traps moisture, and as the temperatures rise, this creates perfect conditions for fungus to develop.

Snow Mold

Most homeowners spot snow mold following the first big melt at the end of winter. Commonly white and patchy in appearance, the fungus can appear in little circles all across the surface of the grass. In some mild cases, it’s concentrated on a certain part of your lawn, but in severe cases, you may see this fungus all over your property. The fungus may also grow in, and begin to look pink or gray, but most types of snow mold have negative health impacts on your lawn regardless of its color.

Lawn Health

Snow mold isn’t only an irritant and allergen for humans, but it’s also a potential threat to the overall health of your lawn. Like any fungus, if left unattended, snow mold can effectively take over. Depending on the variety and severity of the fungal infestation, snow mold can stymie lawn growth, kill grass on a surface level.

Even though snow mold can do major damage to your lawn, the good news is that the lawn care professionals here with Maier Tree and Lawn can help you handle your snow mold conundrums. With our fungal removal techniques, we can guide your lawn through a full de-molding, and even help treat grass and grassroots that were damaged by snow mold. Once the mold has grown, our experts can apply fungicides in lawn-safe ways to help ensure that your property makes a full recovery.

If your Rochester, MN, home has been impacted by snow mold, call Maier Tree and Lawn today for removal techniques and lawn care tips that will keep your property healthy and happy all year round. Call us at (507) 286–8733 or visit our website here for additional information on our lawn care options!

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