Posted: November 05, 2021

Effective plant healthcare starts at the roots and goes all the way to the top of each individual plant on your Rochester, MN property. Proper planting and helping your plants grow to their best ability, however, can be challenging. Neglecting any aspect of your plants’ care may result in lackluster growth or plant death. At Maier Tree and Lawn, we work to bolster your plants’ ability to grow, propagate, and brighten up your property for as long as possible.

Root Care

A healthy plant starts with healthy roots. While you can’t tear up your plants to check the roots every time you have a concern, you can still take the right steps to ensure that root systems have opportunities to dig in, spread out, and pull in as many nutrients as possible. Ensuring the best root condition depends upon the soil in question. Some yards may require soil treatments or fertilizers, while others will benefit from aeration and a watering schedule. Regardless of what your soil needs, our plant care professionals can help coordinate supplements and routines to ensure your plants have the nourishment and support they require. 

Health Supplements

In order to give your plants the best shot at success, you can introduce supplemental physical supports like stakes or trestles, or non-physical supplements such as fertilizers. A plant’s needs depend upon its species, age, and where it’s located on your property. If you’re concerned about the progress of a plant, introducing tailored health supplements may be the best next step towards a happy plant. Our plant healthcare professionals can recommend fertilizers or other types of support your plants may need.

Pest Removal

Signs of plant health come in different forms depending on the species. A plant’s physical structure and the luster and color of its leaves and stem may be indicative of good health or a warning of things to come. Checking the leaves and other parts of your plants for potential damage or sudden changes is a vital aspect of keeping them in the best possible condition. In the event of pests or unidentifiable damage, contacting our plant care professionals can mitigate lasting injury and prevent additional damage.

If you identify a problem during a plant healthcare checkup on your property, don’t hesitate to reach out to Maier Tree and Lawn for plant care support. Rochester, MN area residents can contact us today at (507) 286–8733, or visit our website here for more information. Our plant professionals can help you assess, treat, and support growth for all of your plants to keep them healthy and thriving all year round.

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