Posted: January 28, 2022

Most adult trees in Winona, MN, don't need a lot of extra support in the winter thanks to their sturdy dispositions; while snow, sleet, ice, and wind are all part of the natural order in a traditional Minnesota winter, the majority of indigenous trees go through growth cycles that allow them to survive the frigid extremes. However, some weather events and patterns can lead to tree damage during the winter. If the tree damage is left untreated, you may find yourself with some seriously ill trees come spring. At Maier Tree and Lawn, we encourage tree owners to watch for signs of sunscald or tree damage that might not be so run-of-the-mill in order to help mitigate tree damage and support healthy trees even in a frigid climate.


Though winter presents quite a variety of challenges for trees across the state, sunscald is a type of tree damage that can fly under the radar. As the heat of the sun shines on the tree’s bark, it begins to warm the areas it can touch. But as soon as the sun loses direct contact with the tree, rapid freezing can occur that damages tree tissue. After repeated cycles of scalding and refreezing, you can be left with a wounded tree.

Trees That Can Experience Sunscald

Sunscald tends to occur on the surface of trees with thin layers of external bark. This may include young trees and recent growths, but specific species may also be more susceptible such as maple, crabapple, or cherry trees. These species and new growths tend to have less protection as opposed to species with hardier bark. However, any tree can suffer from sunscald under the right conditions.

Tree Damage

Like many forms of tree damage, prevention is always the best-case scenario. Preventing sunscald in the first place can involve the application of protective coverings or careful pruning that gives adequate coverage to potentially vulnerable parts of your trees. Our tree damage professionals can work with you to find a mitigation method that best suits your needs. If sunscald has already occurred, our tree care professionals can help you establish a care plan that prevents fungal infections and limits further damage.

If you’re looking to prevent sunscald from impacting your Winona, MN, trees this winter, contact Maier Tree and Lawn for prevention and treatment tips. Our tree damage professionals can guide your trees through a full recovery or help them stay sturdy in hazardous conditions. Call us today at (507) 454-7000 or visit our website here for more information.

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