Posted: December 23, 2021

Winter has settled in for Winona, MN, residents, and with the seasonal transition comes the annual challenges for plants and trees across the state. While most of our native plant life is suited to withstand our frigid weather, some conditions are too intense for even the hardiest plant. For trees struggling to survive in the midst of winter, Maier Tree and Lawn provides winter tree care tips and support to help prevent tree damage and ensure that your property makes it through to the big melt.

Impact Of Winter Weather

Cold Minnesota winters are a powerful equalizer in nature. Even the sturdiest plants and landscapes can be impacted by ice damage and other winter side effects, and sometimes the damage isn’t even apparent until it's already severe. Constant icy wind can cause dryness and root freezing, and unless you’re watching closely, these forms of tree damage can be difficult to spot with the naked eye.

Tree Damage

Winter damage doesn’t always come from cold alone, though ice and low temperatures can do a number on trees and branches, winter also poses a threat that other seasons can’t match: weight. The weight of ice or snow on the branches of your trees can be a catalyst for major tree damage. With enough weight, even otherwise sturdy branches can snap, and in some cases, entire trees can topple. There’s a subtle balance that winter needs to strike in order for plants and trees to survive: enough snow to insulate against the cold, but not so much snow that it begins to snap and break trees.

Because of the huge variety of natural factors that play into winter tree care, relying on a certified arborist may be the best way to prevent lasting tree damage. Some damage can be prevented with wrapping, external supports, and professional pruning or cabling that helps protect the tree.

Winter lawn care requires careful, professional support, particularly in regard to the risks that the weather presents to people as well as trees. Rather than putting yourself or your trees at risk, rely on the tree damage mitigation experts with Maier Tree and Lawn. If your Winona, MN, trees need winter support and protection, our care teams can be contacted at (507) 454-7000 or by visiting our website here for additional information.

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