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Will Trees Recover From Ice
Tree Damage and Tree Removal
How Much Ice Is Too Much? Preventing Ice Related Tree Damage In Winona, MN
If you notice any visible buildup of ice on your trees or any sign of weather-based damage, contact Maier Tree and Lawn to consult with our tree damage professionals.
Should I Wrap Tree In Burlap Evergreen In Winter Davey Tree
Tree Damage and Tree Removal
Prepping Your Winona, MN Trees For A Harsh Winter
Many native Minnesota trees can withstand an impressive amount of cold weather, but all it takes is a single wind or ice storm to strip away natural defenses and leave trees vulnerable.
Winter Damage
Tree Damage and Tree Removal
Winter Tree Damage & Your Winona, MN, Trees
Cold Minnesota winters are a powerful equalizer in nature. Even the sturdiest plants and landscapes can be impacted by ice damage and other winter side effects, and sometimes the damage isn’t even apparent until it's already severe.
Davey Tree Storm Damaged Split Branch
Tree Damage and Tree Removal
Major Storm Damage & Your Winona, MN, Trees
Trees can withstand many of the hazards posed by Mother Nature without batting her metaphorical eye, but sometimes the wrong combination of force and pressure is enough to do some real storm damage.
Rabbit Damage
Tree Damage and Tree Removal
Identifying Subtle Tree Damage In Rochester, MN.
It’s always best to err on the side of caution when there’s a new injury or existing tree damage appears to be spreading. Even if it appears minor on the surface, there could be a deeper problem that just hasn’t made itself apparent.
Storm Damage Utility Lines001
Tree Care and Tree Health
Storm Damage That Goes Beyond Branch Breakage
Storm damage can do more than bend and break, it can also lead directly or indirectly to vulnerabilities in the health of your trees.
Davey Tree Storm Damage Broken Tree Top
Tree Damage and Tree Removal
The Proper Steps to Evaluating Your Trees After Storm Damage
Storms aren’t always strong enough to pull trees out by the roots, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t damaged your trees. When it comes to trees, serious damage isn’t always visible to the naked eye.
Look Out For Winter Tree Damage
General Plant Health Questions
Reacting To Tree Damage After Severe Winter Weather
Maier Tree and Lawn’s tree care professionals are experts at identifying and rectifying severe and moderate tree damage. Your job as a tree owner is to understand when you can take measures yourself and when it’s time to ask for help.
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