Posted: October 13, 2022

The idea of getting your property, and especially your trees, “winter ready” may seem redundant if you’re a Winona, MN resident. After all, aren’t native trees and plants built exactly for Minnesota’s climate? The answer to that question is more complicated than a simple yes or no. While it’s true to a degree that native plant life is better suited to harsh winters, severe winter weather still poses a risk to your greenery that could result in lasting tree damage. At Maier Tree and Lawn, we recommend against leaving tree health to chance. Instead, consider evaluating your trees for potential weaknesses before winter really sets in.

Sudden Shifts In Weather Can Have Serious Consequences For Your Trees

Many native Minnesota trees can withstand an impressive amount of cold weather, but all it takes is a single wind or ice storm to strip away natural defenses and leave trees vulnerable. For instance, sudden and severe shifts in temperature may happen so quickly that trees aren’t able to adapt. This may be due to drought-like conditions before the freeze, or because of unusual weather trends such as winter heat spikes and subsequent drops. These situations can result in tissue and surface damage that may lead to a decline in tree health.

Heavy Ice And Snow Can Push A Tree Past Its Breaking Point

Winter tree damage can also come in the form of physical breakage. The weight of heavy, wet snow can do a number on even the sturdiest Minnesota trees. No matter how well suited to cold weather a species may be, enough weight in just the wrong place could topple a tree or break thick branches and trunks. Plus, it’s not uncommon for tree damage to worsen gradually once a break has occurred. In this manner, a healthy, mature tree can be left with lasting damage.

Our Professionals Can Help Prevent Tree Damage & Potential Tree Loss

With these risks in mind, prepping your trees for winter in the Midwest and preventing damage can come in a variety of forms. It all depends upon the health, species, and status of your trees. Tree wrapping, pre-winter pruning, pest or disease control, or changes to your weekly care routine may all be solutions to a future problem. Maier Tree and Lawn’s tree damage professionals can help you decide which route to take to ensure that your trees stay healthy year-round.

If you’re interested in fall tree health support or would like information on addressing winter tree damage, Maier Tree and Lawn can help. Contact our tree care professionals today at (507) 454-7000 or visit our website here for more information on our services. Don’t wait for winter before making a tree plan tailored to your Winona, MN property.

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