Posted: March 10, 2021

Storms can damage your trees in a matter of minutes, and depending upon the damage in question, you may find yourself struggling to identify how exactly your tree was impacted until it’s too late. A lightning strike can burn, winds can tear, and ice can snap branches, and all of the above can leave your Rochester, MN area tree vulnerable to further damage. Luckily, preventing lasting tree damage is possible thanks to the tree care professionals with Maier Tree and Lawn.

When property owners envision tree damage after a storm, it’s reasonable to think of downed or broken branches. Strong winds can indeed do a number on a tree in a relatively short period of time, but not all forms of storm damage are quite so straightforward. Storm damage can do more than bend and break, it can also lead directly or indirectly to vulnerabilities in the health of your trees.

Any tree damage that breaks the surface of your trees can be a gateway to further injury. Tears and cracks can make your trees vulnerable to pests, decay, breakage, or even total structural failures. The trick is to resist underestimating tree damage even if it doesn’t look impressive on the surface. For instance, patches of loose or missing bark could be the precursor to new problems. Staying on top of your tree’s health after storm damage means paying close attention to all aspects of the tree’s condition.

If you’ve noticed any new damage after a storm, it’s important to reach out to a tree damage specialist quickly. Our goal at Maier Tree and Lawn is to prevent tree removal whenever possible by treating and restoring your trees. While some instances of storm damage might require just a bit of cleanup and some trimming, more severe forms of damage could leave your trees in need of more detailed care. Acting fast before damage can worsen is a great way to protect your trees now and in the future.

If your Rochester, MN property has been impacted by storm damage, our tree damage professionals are available for consultations, care, and beyond. Property owners can reach out to us at (507) 286–8733 or contact us online for additional information.

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