Posted: July 15, 2016

Life in Rochester, MN, this summer has meant high temperatures punctuated by wild storms with kicked-up winds. While these conditions have made for some very interesting late-night-light-shows and some well-watered lawns, they have also done a nasty number on many Minnesota trees. After a storm has passed through, it's important to have tree damage and tree removal experts like Maier Tree & Lawn at your service. Good contacts make for happy trees, and happy trees make for a happy landscape.

It's easy to forget that trees damaged by storms can incur a lot of collateral property damage as well. Even after the initial tree damage has been done, downed trunks, hanging limbs, and fallen branches can be hazardous long after the storm has passed. Tree removal is as much about safety as it is about aesthetics. Leaving debris around can just add to the next storm's arsenal. Instead, relying on a tree removal team can ensure a quick and complete clean up.

Tree damage from storms isn't always clear cut. Knowing when a tree is salvageable versus a lost cause can be hard to determine if the tree is young or if the damage is partial. Strong wind and rain may take out a chunk here and there, but if some foliage and the trunk remain, there is still a chance that your tree will recover. Don't be afraid to ask your tree experts about options for your trees. If a tree can be saved after a storm, the experts at Maier Tree & Lawn can help.

If your Rochester, MN, trees have been damaged by recent storms and you'd like to explore your options, contact Maier Tree & Lawn today at (507) 286-8733 or visit their website here. Tree removal doesn't have to be a long, painful process. Act quickly and clear the debris from your lawn and from your mind. 

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