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Best Time To Fertilize Evergreens
Tree Care and Tree Health
Tree Fertilization In Rochester, MN
Trees need nutrients too, and with the right combination of fertilizers, you can help new trees flourish and even support all the trees on your property.
Oak Wilt
Tree Disease
Taking Steps To Tackle Oak Wilt In The Rochester, MN, Area.
Maier Tree and Lawn is committed to providing tree disease consultations and disseminating information to ensure that all of our local trees live long and healthy lives.
Spring Leaf Drop Tree Losing Leaves In Spring Davey Tree
Tree Care and Tree Health
How & When Leaf Loss Can Become A Sign Of Declining Tree Health
Watching the leaves fall is a standard part of living in the Midwest, but this phenomenon can sometimes be a sign of something deeper if it seems to be happening outside of your tree’s natural cycles.
Storm Damage Utility Lines001
Tree Care and Tree Health
Storm Damage That Goes Beyond Branch Breakage
Storm damage can do more than bend and break, it can also lead directly or indirectly to vulnerabilities in the health of your trees.
Tree Care and Tree Health
Responsible Tree Management and the Prevention of Oak Wilt
Squirrel Damage
Stump Removal
Evaluating Hazard Trees On Your Personal Property
Damaged and diseased trees are dangerous for a multitude of reasons, and understanding what to do with them may take the expertise of a certified arborist.
How To Prepare Trees For Winter
Tree Health
Surviving The Long Winter: When Winter Weather Puts Rochester, MN, Tree Health At Risk
Maier Tree and Lawn's tree health team recommends watching for signs of tree damage in the winter months, so your trees can emerge from the cold intact and ready to bloom again in the spring.
Dormant Season Pruning
Tree Services
The Essential Nature Of Winter Forestry Services
Maier Tree and Lawn offers extensive forestry services for urban and rural areas to guarantee well-kept and beautiful natural spaces year round.
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