Posted: April 01, 2021

For Winona, MN tree owners, leaf loss is a natural part of the transition into winter weather for your deciduous trees. Watching the leaves fall is a standard part of living in the Midwest, but this phenomenon can sometimes be a sign of something deeper if it seems to be happening outside of your tree’s natural cycles. When you’re having concerns about the health and status of your trees, Maier Tree and Lawn provides on-call tree care assistance for residents and property owners in the Winona area.

Intermittent Leaf Loss

It’s not unusual for trees to lose leaves occasionally throughout the year outside of their regular cycles. A few leaves here and there may not be a cause for alarm. If it seems like a pattern is emerging, however, you may want to take steps to ensure that your tree’s health isn’t being compromised.

Gradual Yellowing & Leaf Loss

If the leaf loss seems gradual but steady, your tree could be lacking in water, struggling with a growing pest issue or disease, or may be in need of. Staying on top of discoloration and taking note if it appears to be worsening is a great way to track your tree and ensure that it isn’t worsening in condition. Disregarding leaf loss in the early stages can put your tree’s health at risk.

Sudden Leaf Loss

If your trees have experienced sudden and major leaf loss, you may be dealing with some form of physical damage or extreme stress. This stress could be coming from a disease, a significant pest issue, weather related trauma, or some other environmental factor that’s inhibiting its ability to thrive. In the event of major or sudden significant leaf loss, contacting a tree care professional is a good idea.

Leaf loss among your trees can be distressing if you don’t know why or how it’s happening. For otherwise healthy trees, leaf loss can be indicative of tree care issues, tree diseases, pests, and more. Because there are so many potential reasons it can be helpful to familiarize yourself with the natural cycles of your trees. When you have a general sense of your tree’s patterns and characteristics it can help you identify when leaf loss is just nature at work and when it’s a symptom.

If your tree is experiencing leaf loss or you have concerns about tree health, our tree care professionals are here to help. Winona, MN residents can contact Maier Tree and Lawn today at (507) 454-7000 or by visiting our website here for more information.

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