Posted: September 19, 2018

For Winona, MN residents perfecting their personal landscaping goals, tree transplanting may be on your major to-do list, and thanks to the work of the modern tree health professionals at Maier Tree and Lawn, tree transplanting isn't necessarily a death wish for your trees that need relocation. However, that doesn't mean the process is foolproof.

Knowing what “transplant shock” looks like after moving a tree can help you ensure your newly relocated tree lives well and has the chance to take root.

After a tree has been transplanted in its new location, it's always wise to watch it a little more closely. It's difficult to transplant a healthy tree without inducing some measure of stress, and the same care your older trees get might not be enough for a young, transplanted tree. Signs of degrading tree health should be nipped in the bud quickly to prevent a slow decline from spiraling out of control.

Signs of declining tree health due to transplant shock include wilting leaves, premature coloring, stunted floral growth, and browning leaves and leaf tips. These signs may come on quickly after tree transplanting, and if they're not treated, they could get worse. In some cases, optimal tree health may not be regained for several years after the transplant. That doesn't mean it's impossible, but it can be a long journey.

If you notice signs of transplant shock, contact tree health specialists to evaluate the next steps to help your tree revitalize itself in its new home. The solution may be more direct care such as additional watering or mulch installation. But, in some cases, it may require replanting the tree entirely. If the chosen spot doesn't suit your tree's nutritional needs, a better location could be the solution your tree needs in the end.

If you have a tree on your Winona, MN property that you'd like transplanted, or if you're seeing signs of poor tree health after a tree transplant has been completed, call Maier Tree and Lawn today at (507) 454-7000 for tree care assistance. For additional information, visit our website here.

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