Posted: January 11, 2020

It’s all too easy to assume that the whole world takes a break during the frigid winter months in Rochester, MN. But, even if the world outside feels completely still, plenty of work remains to be done in the great outdoors. Maier Tree and Lawn offers extensive forestry services for urban and rural areas to guarantee well-kept and beautiful natural spaces year round.

A lot of vital environmental care takes place behind the scenes of daily life, and that’s especially true for forestry services. Forests are in many ways self-maintaining, but in urban settings, some care must be taken to ensure the trees are healthy and forest areas are safe. This includes large-scale tree services such as pruning, risk assessment, and occasionally, tree removal. These tasks are all extremely important for urban forest situations that may have frequent visitors. Without expert forestry services, forests can become hazardous for locals or even dangerous to wildlife.

Despite being somewhat wild, forests still benefit from regular care and upkeep, and this is especially true during the winter. When trees are dormant it’s easy to evaluate, trim, and treat trees on a very large scale. This allows landowners and city managers to benefit from significant early preparation before the snow melts. This can include taking inventory, evaluating hazardous trees, or treating diseases. In fact, professional forestry services do a lot of work to ensure that tree diseases don’t spread to other parts of the state and country.

Regardless of whether your needs are urban or rural, the benefits of effective forestry services are twofold; they bolster aesthetics and tree health simultaneously. For cities, expert forestry services can maintain a popular and natural local attraction, and for landowners, they can ensure safe hunting grounds or conservation areas. Tree services can help you cater your forest areas to whatever you want them to be without compromising their natural integrity.

If your Rochester, MN, area land is in need of winter tree services or forestry services, contact Maier Tree and Lawn’s certified arborists today at (507) 286–8733 or by visiting our website for additional information.

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