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Dormant Season Pruning
Tree Services
The Essential Nature Of Winter Forestry Services
Maier Tree and Lawn offers extensive forestry services for urban and rural areas to guarantee well-kept and beautiful natural spaces year round.
Best Fast Growing Shrubs
Renewal Services For Tree & Shrub Care
It’s the time of year again in Rochester, MN, when residents are receiving renewal contracts from commercial lawn companies.
How Do We Harm Trees
Tree Care
Saving Ailing Trees With Expert Tree Care In Winona, MN
Expert tree care can accomplish several goals at once. Not only does it restore a healthy look to your yard, but it also helps ensure that your property is safe for visitors and family members alike.
Davey Tree Storm Damaged Tree Broken Tree Limb
Tree Care
Tree Damage & Care After a Storm In Winona, MN
After the storm passes and it's no longer risky to go outside, perform a welfare check from a safe distance. A basic welfare check for tree damage should be purely visual.
Blog Davey Start Spring Checklist Photo 2
Tree Care
The Necessity Of Early Spring Checkups For Tree Health In Rochester, MN
Some signs that your trees may need a checkup include discoloration, slow growth, and other physical signs of distress.
When To Transplant Fruit Trees
Tree Care
The Fruits Of Your Labor: Planting Fruit Trees In Winona, MN
We may not have California oranges, but apples, pears, and plums are still viable options in Minnesota
Best Time To Fertilize Evergreens
Tree Care
Uncovering The Benefits Of Tree Fertilization In Rochester, MN
Minnesota tree lovers are lucky that a good portion of our Midwestern soil is rich in nutrients, but even the most nutrient rich soil can be a little lacking in an area or two
Root Crown Excavatoin 2
Tree Care
Root Pruning & How Not To Do It In Winona, MN
If done properly, it can foster a health and long-lived tree. However, if done improperly or haphazardly, root pruning can cause irreparable damage to the health of your tree.
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