Posted: June 13, 2018

Winona, MN has had some unseasonably wild April weather already this year. Along with the heavy snow, there's also been a fair share of high winds. Though most residents can avoid the worst of this by bunking down under the covers, trees don't have such a luxury. After a storm hits your area, our tree care experts with Maier Tree & Lawn encourage all tree lovers to perform a welfare check after the storm clouds clear away to make sure your trees are in tip-top shape.

Storms can be bad news for tree care even if they aren't especially strong. A single gust can take down unsteady limbs, which can lead to further damage down the tree. Because of this, you should never walk underneath your trees during a major storm. It may seem like a refuge from heavy snow or rain, but in the right circumstances, it could be extremely dangerous. Tree damage can be hard to identify in clear conditions, let alone rough weather. Instead of leaving it to chance, keep a wide berth and wait for the winds to settle.

After the storm passes and it's no longer risky to go outside, perform a welfare check from a safe distance. A basic welfare check for tree damage should be purely visual. Take note of obvious damage and breaks and make a note of things you'd like to ask a tree care professional. Tree damage may not always be obvious to the naked eye, but often a visual check is enough to tell that something is seriously wrong.

If your tree has been broken or is leaning in a precarious manner after a storm, call for tree care assistance immediately. Unfortunately, tree removal may be your only option in some cases of major tree damage, but there may be more options if the tree is mostly intact. If the tree is still in a dangerous state, then keep your distance until further assistance can be contacted.

If a tree on your Winona, MN property has been impacted by significant or minor tree damage, contact the tree care professionals with Maier Tree & Lawn to discuss options for your tree. Call today at (507) 454-7000 or by visiting our website here for more information.

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