Posted: August 06, 2019

There are probably plenty of reasons why you haven't had that sick tree removed from your Winona, MN, lawn: lack of time, indecision on whom to contact, or perhaps, lingering attachment to the tree that has yet to completely die. But a dying tree isn't necessarily a lost cause. Leaving it to its own devices may seem easier at first thought, but as more time passes, the potential risk factors that a dying tree poses can increase. And if a tree is lagging or is simply a little under the weather, ignoring those symptoms can seal the tree’s fate. Relying on the Maier Tree and Lawn tree care professionals to discern, diagnose, and treat your trees is the perfect way to help spruce up your trees and nurse them back into tip-top shape.

Expert tree care can accomplish several goals at once. Not only does it restore a healthy look to your yard, but it also helps ensure that your property is safe for visitors and family members alike. It can be difficult to tell at a glance, but sick trees may have interior decay and structural weaknesses, causing instability. Depending on how long the tree has been sick and its location on your property, it could also be a potential fire risk. Having your sick tree evaluated can alleviate those risks, including additional side effects that the sickness may be triggering.

Sick trees can also be something of an attraction for all manner of pests—burrowing, infesting, or roosting on the branches. Whatever is killing the tree in the first place may still be alive and thriving inside. This may encourage these types of unwelcome visitors to set their sights on the dying tree as well as other nearby trees and plants. Without intervention, pest and fungus infestations can spread fast when sick trees are in the equation. Tree care and mitigation can kill pests before they spread and potentially even give your tree a chance to bounce back.

Regardless of how long the tree in question has been sick, it's important to remember that extensive tree care should not be attempted without the assistance of a professional. A professional consultation not only ensures that the sick tree is treated safely, but it’s also the perfect chance to get tips on how to keep your trees healthy and intact for as long as possible.

Even if you thought that sick tree was done for, there might be a chance that recovery is possible. Tree care professionals can evaluate the state of the tree and the potential risks it poses while considering options for possible recovery. Instead of allowing dying trees to dictate the overall health of your yard, contact the tree care professionals with Maier Tree and Lawn today. Winona, MN, area residents with tree care needs can call at (507) 454-7000 or visit our website here for additional information.

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