Posted: June 28, 2017

You'd think that trees would have enough to deal with just being at nature's mercy every day of the year in Winona, MN. Unfortunately, the risks they face extend even further beyond heat, cold, and wind. Minnesota trees also have to suffer the attention of common pests that come in all shapes and sizes. The tree care experts with Maier Tree and Lawn encourage those new to tree care to learn to identify any obvious changes these common pests may bring, and be ready to act if you spot them on your property.

Anyone who's been engaging in regular tree care may think they can identify the risk factors that your trees face on sight, but the common pests that your trees encounter may look a little different than what you imagine. These creatures extend from mites to moths, and the warning signs can be easier to miss than you expect.

One of the most talked about Minnesotan tree pests in recent years is the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), and many tree care hobbyists are likely familiar with these little insects.  Shiny and bright green, they're as distinctive as they are destructive. As their name indicates, they primarily impact ash trees on a large scale. This is one common pest that, if spotted, should be reported immediately.

Another common pest is the invasive Japanese beetle. These invasive insects are damaging to turf and ornamental plants. During the winter and spring months, grubs live underground, growing and feeding on grass roots as they grow. In the summer months, they emerge from the soil as fully grown beetles, and begin wreaking havoc on above-ground plants.

These big-name bugs can all mean trouble for your Winona, MN boughs, whether they swarm, fly, or crawl. If you suspect that any of these common pests have come into contact with your trees, contact Maier Tree and Lawn at (507) 454-7000, or by visiting our website here for more information. When it comes to tree pests, early detection is, by far, the best weapon you have.

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