Posted: October 12, 2015

Residents of Rochester and Winona, Minnesota, who regularly watch the news may recognize the name “Emerald Ash Borer.” EAB is one of the notoriously damaging tree pests that has invaded forests in the Midwest. The borer is known for both wreaking havoc on Minnesota's ash trees, and spreading very quickly from area to area. The problem has become so severe that the state has put emergency quarantines on certain counties to prevent the spread of the pest, and yes, Olmsted County and Winona County are included. If you have ash trees and are worried about EAB, contact Maier Tree and Lawn to answer any questions that come up. Unfortunately, if you're seeing signs of a problem in your trees, EAB may not be the sole culprit.

Tree diseases and tree pests come in different shapes and sizes. Some can impact all tree types equally, while others, like Oak Wilt, only impact certain varieties. A good rule of thumb is to err on the side of caution and call a specialist whenever something looks “off, ” but here are some things to look for if you're trying to decide what's worth worrying over.

Signs of tree diseases:

    • Leaves falling out of season.


    • Unusual growths, cracks, or mounds on the trunk.


    • Dead branch tips, especially at the top of the tree.


    • Spots on the leaves.


    • Foliage turning yellow and then brown.

With tree diseases it might be helpful to think of it this way; if there's nothing where there should be something, or something where there should be nothing, then it's time to call a professional. Visual changes are key here! Many tree diseases can be spotted with some good old fashioned observation. There's no need to make a diagnosis or attempt treatment on your own, but seeing the problem is the first step to fixing it. The same rule goes for pests.

Signs of tree pests:

    • Uniform holes in the trunk or branches.


    • Winding patterns on the surface of or underneath the bark.


    • Visible webs, nests, or clumps of bugs.


    • Leaves with missing sections, or missing altogether.

Not all tree pests are as hard to contain as EAB, but that doesn't mean they can't significantly damage your trees or even infest your neighbors' yards as well. If something looks strange in your Rochester or Winona yards, make sure to get in touch with the specialists at Maier Tree and Lawn. A tree-health consultation can set your mind (and your trees) at ease. Tree pests and tree diseases can't always be prevented, but with the right people involved, then they can be treated.

Maier Tree and Lawn can be contacted by phone at 507.286.8733 (Rochester), 507.454.7000 (Winona), or by visiting our website here!

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