Posted: June 04, 2018

Winter tree care in Rochester, MN can be a challenge because of how intense and long Minnesota winters can really be. There are many “tree hacks” that people employ to protect their trees through the icy months, but there's no guarantee that even the best preparations can help once the deep freeze settles in. The question is, since maintaining overall tree health is so tough in the winter, how can you tell if your winter efforts actually paid off come spring? The tree care professionals with Maier Tree & Lawn advocate for an in-depth spring checkup for any trees that you have lingering concerns about; even after the temperature begins creeping above freezing.

Tree care as a process is generally pretty hands off because trees are fairly self-sufficient organisms that usually fare pretty well on their own. However, because people tend to plant trees with aesthetics in mind instead of core tree health, sometimes even the sturdiest trees can suffer from a life planted in an unfamiliar habitat. Spring checkups are a great way to involve yourself in the health of your trees without becoming a full-time arborist.

Some signs that your trees may need a checkup include discoloration, slow growth, and other physical signs of distress. For instance, trees have a natural rhythm to regaining their foliage, if one tree is far behind the others it may be a cause for concern. Dead branches and irregular growth can be cause for concern as well. You don't have to be a tree health professional to sense that something looks a little wrong, so take your concerns seriously and direct them to the people who are trained in tree health.

Regardless of whether you're new to tree care or a long-time hobbyist, being able to thoroughly evaluate the health of your trees is best left to tree health specialists. Despite the simplistic nature of trees, there are still many subtle and intricate signs that may indicate various health concerns. Take note of any issues that you see, but don't feel like you have to solve the puzzle of what's wrong on your own.

Rochester, MN residents who are concerned with post-winter damage to their trees can contact the tree care professionals here with Maier Tree & Lawn today. Call us at (507) 286-8733 or by visiting our website here for additional information on tree health and tree care.

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