Posted: May 12, 2020

Summer storms are picking up across Rochester, MN, and with them comes heavy rain, strong winds, and sometimes, tree damage. Following such storms, it’s hard to resist the urge to try and restore your trees to their previous state by tidying up loose branches, cutting off broken limbs, and sawing away at torn bark. It’s important to remember, however, that the full extent of the damage may not be obvious to the untrained eye. The expert arborists with Maier Tree and Lawn recommend requesting a comprehensive tree evaluation on the potential hazards of storm-damaged trees.

Storms aren’t always strong enough to pull trees out by the roots, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t damaged your trees. When it comes to trees, serious damage isn’t always visible to the naked eye. Cracks, splitting, and even partial uprooting might not be immediately obvious, and any of this damage can be worse than you realize for both your safety as well as the health of the tree. Because of the subtle nature of some forms of damage, having a proper tree evaluation after storm damage occurs is an important step in preserving your trees.

Even if you can see damage such as branches that have been cracked or partially broken, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should try to manage storm damage on your own. Storm damaged branches are a potential hazard in more than one way. A lot of damaged branches can put undue stress on the tree, lead to other forms of worsening damage, and pose a hazard to people who walk beneath the tree. The real dangers of storm damage to your trees lie in that sheer unpredictability.

Consulting with a professional arborist can help diagnose potentially deadly forms of storm damage before they kill your tree or hurt a person. Requesting a tree evaluation may help you make a first aid plan for your tree, plan for a tree removal, or simply restore peace of mind.

If your Rochester, MN, trees suffer storm damage, don’t leave the health of your trees to chance. Contact the professional arborists at Maier Tree and Lawn immediately at (507) 286–8733 to request a tree evaluation or visit our website for more information.

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