Posted: November 25, 2021

Your Winona, MN, trees will likely go through a lot of natural stages throughout their lives. From saplings to towering trunks and sprawling canopies, they have the potential to withstand severe weather and environmental conditions over the course of decades. However, some natural risks can pose a greater challenge for tree recovery than others. If one of your trees becomes impacted by a tree disease, for instance, its life could be cut short. The tree care professionals with Maier Tree and Lawn can help you diagnose and treat tree diseases before they damage your tree beyond repair.

Tree Disease

Tree diseases come in many different forms, but quite a few are caused by fungal infection. Fungi are ubiquitous in nature and occurs in some form pretty much anywhere with moisture. Some tree fungi may not be inherently deadly, but depending on the type of fungus in question, you may have a risk to your tree’s health on your hands.

Tree Fungus

Fungus can interfere with the essential growth mechanisms of your trees, can prevent them from receiving adequate nutrients, and can break down the material that composes your trees. In severe cases, a tree can be killed (or damaged beyond repair) when tree fungus is allowed to spread without intervention.

In Minnesota, some types of tree fungus may include, apple scab, lirula needle blight, rhizosphaera needle cast, oak wilt, diplodia tip blight, and more. Fungus tends to vary based on the tree species in question. Some types of fungus won’t impact incompatible tree types, while others may rapidly rip through a tree population. Tree fungus may be visible by growths or may be subtle as a discolored leaf collection or may be serious as significant foliage loss.

If your tree is experiencing fungal growth or seems to be impacted by a tree disease, contact Maier Tree and Lawn today for comprehensive tree treatment services. We offer tree disease support for Winona, MN, residents as well as property owners in the surrounding area. Call us today at (507) 454-7000 or visit our website here for more information.

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