Posted: March 13, 2017

With March officially underway, Rochester, MN, tree care veterans are likely already in the early stages of planning what they'll need to do to restore their winter-battered trees to their old happy and healthy selves. This winter had a nasty mix of icy rain, overwhelming snowfall, and occasional windstorms, and there's a chance that some of your trees didn't love the rough treatment. If you're looking for tree care advice during the spring thaw, consult the tree care experts at Maier Tree & Lawn to make sure that your boughs return to the land of the living along with the rest of the spring flora.

Since spring hasn't quite arrived yet, you likely won't have full foliage on your tree for a while to come. Even so, you can still discern a lot of vital tree care information by examining the bits below the branches. Start from the lawn up and check out the base of your trees where the trunk and ground meet. If there are large swathes of trunk missing bark, make a note of where and how much is missing. This is great information to share with tree care experts who may be able to provide important tree care advice and insight in response.

Examine the rest of the trunk by moving upwards and watching for cracks, decay, missing bark, holes, or odd divots or discoloration. If you've noticed any of these issues consistently on any of your trees, then it may be time to bring in a tree care expert who can properly diagnose the problem. Some issues such as insects or tree disease can be treated if caught early enough.

Identifying simple post-winter warning signs can extend the life of your tree exponentially. If you need tree care advice or have a question about the status of one of your trees, contact the Rochester, MN, area tree care experts at Maier Tree & Lawn by calling (507) 286-8733 or by visiting their website today for more information.

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