Posted: December 28, 2016

For most casual tree owners in Rochester, Minnesota, tree care becomes quite a challenge as soon as the real winter begins! Even for truly dedicated tree enthusiasts, winter tree care may still feel like a losing battle. Your landscape’s condition is probably iffy, and a long time spent in those low temps isn't exactly a picnic. This isn't to say that nothing can be done for your trees once the world goes white in December (or earlier), but climbing on a ladder when it's 3 below zero to do some pruning probably wouldn't be recommended for most. Because of this, winter tree care is best left to the expert tree services provided by Maier Tree and Lawn. But first, you have to know that you have a problem.

As with many forms of tree care, your eyes are some of your best tools for determining obvious health problems with your trees in the winter. Signs such as unexpectedly heavy browning around the crown or needles of your tree could be a symptom of salt damage, while discoloration on the trunk or branches after a temperature fluctuation could be a sign of sunscald. If any of these symptoms make themselves apparent, it's most beneficial to act quickly and contact an expert for advice.

Even if you're an independent tree lover who prefers to do all of your own trimming, planting, and pruning, it's hard to deny that things get a little more complicated in the cold. Along with icy conditions and heavy snowfall, trees also have to deal with salt runoff and sun scalding. Since your trees don't have their usual leafy barriers, all sorts of damage can be done to them, even when the weather is far from extreme. The winter tree services provided by Maier Tree and Lawn won't only identify some of these winter problems, but they can help you prevent additional damage as well.

If your Rochester, MN, trees have experienced winter tree damage or need specialized winter tree care, the experts at Maier Tree and Lawn are prepared to offer our professional tree services to you. Please feel free to contact us at (507) 286-8733, or by visiting our website here for more information.

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