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Evaluating Hazard Trees on Your Personal Property

April 8th, 2020 · No Comments

Part of being a homeowner with outdoor property in Rochester, MN, means managing the health and safety of the trees on your lot. Much of the time, this is a low-risk and high-reward experience, but sometimes the possibility of damage from trees arises. Damaged and diseased trees are dangerous for a multitude of reasons, and […]

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When to Request Springtime Tree Removal in Rochester, MN

May 9th, 2019 · No Comments

Judging when and if to have a tree removed is a difficult process. Fully grown trees aren’t only a great aesthetic addition to your Rochester, MN property, but they’re also extremely valuable. A healthy adult tree can add a significant sum to property value which makes the decision to have one removed all the more […]

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Determining the Right Time for Tree Removal in Rochester, MN

November 22nd, 2017 · No Comments

It can be hard to say goodbye to a tree that’s been on your Rochester, MN, property for many years. Not only do trees help shape the landscaping of your home, they also grow and change along with your family. Being attached to the trees in your yard is a very common feeling, which is […]

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Tree Removal After a Major Late Summer Storm in Winona, MN

October 3rd, 2017 · No Comments

There’s no question that the late-summer weather in Winona, MN, can be volatile. Right before the cooler seasons roll in there’s often an influx of high winds and impressive rain that puts earlier summer showers to shame. Unfortunately, along with these weather bursts comes the risk of losing some of your beloved trees to storm […]

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Protect Your Trees Against Major Storm Damage in Winona, MN

August 23rd, 2017 · No Comments

Trees are some of the most robust residents of Winona, MN. Very little can surpass the sheer longevity of healthy adult trees, and this is true even when taking those harsh, icy winters into account. But, tragically, sturdiness doesn’t equal invincibility. In the face of wild winds and extreme downpours, even the toughest tree can […]

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5 Tree Laws You Should Know

June 14th, 2016 · No Comments

Believe it or not, there are several legal tree facts that are really useful to know. Hopefully it you are aware of these tree laws it’s not from first hand experience! Disclaimer: We are not attorneys so please don’t take these as legal advice, however we do know a few and they’d back us up. Law […]

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Three Signs That Your Winona, MN Yard Could Benefit From a Tree Removal

April 16th, 2016 · No Comments

Removing a tree can be an enormous change for your yard. It can affect how much light reaches your windows, free up space for a new garden, or other trees and leave empty spots to fill. The decision to go through with a tree removal can still be very difficult. Many Winona, MN homeowners become […]

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Three Reasons Why Amateur Tree Removals Can Hurt Your Landscape in Winona, MN

March 18th, 2016 · No Comments

Searching for “tree removal gone wrong” on YouTube is a one way ticket to anxiety.  Watching family after family deal with crushed cars, downed power lines, shattered windows, and caved-in roofs is a great way to never want to remove, let alone walk under, a tree again. So to keep you from yanking down trees […]

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Dealing with Tree and Stump Removals in Rochester and Winona, MN

November 20th, 2015 · No Comments

If you’re a resident of Rochester or Winona, MN, it’s likely that you have trees on your property. In fact, if you’re a born-and-bred Minnesotan, you probably love them too! It’s difficult to avoid getting attached to the towering variety of leafy-goodness that are Midwestern trees, but sometimes even a healthy tree can become a […]

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