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Plant Care Complications

June 28th, 2022 · No Comments

Lawn care in Winona, MN, can involve a fair amount of trial and error thanks to our Minnesotan fluctuating weather patterns and occasional harsh conditions. When your plants are flagging, you may want to know what to look for in order to provide the right remedy for whatever is ailing them. At Maier Tree and […]

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Limit the Spread of Oak Wilt Tree Care

June 13th, 2022 · No Comments

Stymying the spread of tree diseases is similar to containing contagious conditions in humans. Reducing contact, providing health checkups, and treating symptoms all contribute to treatment plans that can prevent and treat diseases such as oak wilt and bur oak blight from infecting more trees on your Rochester, MN, property or in your neighborhood. Maier […]

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