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Fighting Back against Post-Winter Soil Compaction with Aeration in Winona, MN

April 28th, 2022 · No Comments

Aeration is on the mind of many Winona, MN, lawn owners as they survey their compacted lots following the long winter. Now that lawn care is once again becoming viable after months of ice, planning how to revitalize your soil, grass, and gardens is a high priority for enthusiasts and property owners across the state. […]

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Prioritizing Post-Melt Lawn Care in Rochester, MN

April 13th, 2022 · No Comments

Maier Tree and Lawn understands that you may be a little bit overzealous about your lawn care as the snow begins to melt in Rochester, MN. But timing your care to properly bolster your lawn growth may take a bit of patience. Your lawn may not yet be ready for in-depth care following the first […]

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