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Staying on Top of Oak Wilt and Bur Oak Blight in Rochester, MN

August 25th, 2017 · No Comments

The mighty Oak is a tree has a long history in Rochester, MN. Boasting a wide number of varieties, some types of Oak can grow up to 150 feet tall and can feature trunks wider than three feet. But as powerful as they appear, like all trees, oaks are tragically susceptible to disease. Two particular […]

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Protect Your Trees Against Major Storm Damage in Winona, MN

August 23rd, 2017 · No Comments

Trees are some of the most robust residents of Winona, MN. Very little can surpass the sheer longevity of healthy adult trees, and this is true even when taking those harsh, icy winters into account. But, tragically, sturdiness doesn’t equal invincibility. In the face of wild winds and extreme downpours, even the toughest tree can […]

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Coping with Japanese Beetles and Tree Insect Control in Rochester, MN

August 11th, 2017 · No Comments

Summertime in Rochester, MN, which is an excellent time for gardening, landscaping, and home upkeep, is unfortunately also prime-time for the Japanese beetle. These common pests are a big fan of most things leafy, and their most active months are July and August. Tree insect control specialists encourage any tree care enthusiast who isn’t already […]

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