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5 Real-Life Lessons About Trees

September 12th, 2016 · No Comments


There are a handful of things I have learned from my experience with trees over the years. These lessons about trees are so simple and evident every time I may look at a tree. But too often I do not apply them in my life, much to my own dismay.

The first lesson is to be flexible. When winds blow against trees, the very thing that preserves a tree is its ability to bend and twist without breaking. The more it can bend, the stronger wind it can withstand without breaking. I need to remain flexible too.

The second is to always grow. A tree never stops growing. Each year, a new set of branches and leaves form, and a new ring of growth is added to the wood. Without this growth, a tree would die. I need to also work to personally develop.

Third is to remember your roots. A tree’s root system functions to stabilize a tree, providing a strong foundation. It also is there to provide a means to be nourished; taking up water and nutrients. A tree always makes decisions with its roots in mind. I too need to keep the values of family and heritage in mind.

Fourth is to bear fruit. A tree attempts to reproduce itself often. Much of its energy in the course of a year is spent on reproducing itself. I need to be investing a portion of my energy in teaching those around me what I know.

Fifth is to be fun to be around. A tree provides many benefits to people around them. They provide shade, clean the air, provide a home to wildlife and more. Very few times are trees unwanted. I should continually work to bless those around me through encouragement, affirmation and generosity.

So the next time you look at a tree, make it a point to learn life lessons from it. There are plenty more than I have even mentioned here.

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