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Where will your trees be one year from now?

June 28th, 2016 · No Comments

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This might seem like a silly thing to ponder. It’s pretty obvious, if your tree is still living it will likely be right where it is now. However, that isn’t entirely true.

Trees are an amazing part of the ecosystem of this world. The tree that you see now in your front yard is part water and part CO2.  The cells would be hollow without air and/or water.  As the sunlight hits the leaves, and photosynthesis happens, trees take the CO2 from the air and the water it pulled up from the roots to create sugar and oxygen. The oxygen is released into the air and is circulated in the atmosphere of our planet. Additionally, pollen is created and released each year, which accumulates on other plants, our soil, water and in the air.

So, that heavy, woody structure that sits in your front yard is dispersing itself, and impacting the entire planet. Some of the very form and mass that made your tree last year, is actually making its way around the globe to places like Europe, China or Australia this year.

The folks at Maier Tree & Lawn understand trees better than anyone in the Rochester, Minnesota area and can help you devise a plan to best care for our planet’s most wonderful asset.

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