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Tree Stumped: Deciding When to Remove Tree Stumps From Your Winona, MN Landscape

April 8th, 2016 · No Comments

Tree stumps are often the last remains of a tree-gone-wrong, and for many Winona, MN area landscape owners, they tend to outstay their welcome as well. While stumps may just be an annoyance for some, for others they could pose a legitimate threat to their outdoor landscape. If you’re on the fence about whether or not it’s time to call the tree stump removal experts at Maier Tree & Lawn, consider the following stump removal facts!

There’s more to tree stumps than meets the eye, namely, the tree’s roots. Depending on the type of tree, the roots can run deep into the ground and form a wide diameter around the stump itself. When a tree is gone, the roots die, and will decay over time. But why wait? Why mow around it? Why look at its unsightly remains? There may be reasons, but if the reason is that you think it will just go away, think again.

And beyond underground gardening troubles, stumps can actually foster and spread diseases to other plants in your yard. If the tree was rotting or had some form of parasite, the problem could have easily made its way into the trunk as well. Having a festering tree stump near your other healthy plant life could lead to spreading bugs and diseases, which is bad news for a healthy yard and ecosystem.

Finally, homeowners interested in selling their home or improving its aesthetic may want to consider stump removal if a tree stump is disrupting the style of your landscape. This may not seem like a major issue for some, but a dead stump in the front yard isn’t really an attractive feature for potential buyers. Even if it doesn’t bother you, it may look like a troublesome project to another family. Stump removal can keep your landscape orderly and attractive for prospective buyers and admiring neighbors alike.

Of course, it’s always up to you whether or not you’d like to remove that pesky tree stump. If the neighborhood children like to use it as a little table for their fairy tea parties, then by all means, leave it be! But be aware that just because the trunk and leaves are gone, that doesn’t mean all the trouble has gone with them. If you’d like to remove a tree stump from your Winona, MN property, contact the stump removal experts at Maier Tree & Lawn today at 507.454.7000 or visit our website.


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