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Is Your Yard Ready for Spring?

April 12th, 2013 · No Comments

It’s that time of year again – springtime is upon us, and in Rochester, MN, it’s almost a full month early! If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to pull the lawn mower out of the shed, unearth the gardening tools from the dark depths of the garage, and uncover the grill.

As you’re enjoying the warmth of the sun, the heady fragrance of blooms and the char-broiled scent of grilled food, take a look around you and take stock of your yard.  How did your trees and decorative bushes fare over the winter?  Do the bushes look a bit misshapen or on the verge of taking over more than their allotted space?  Do the trees hang low and have dangerous limbs?

While puttering in the yard can be a soothing and rewarding task, the big stuff can be time consuming, physically demanding, and sometime just plain dangerous for the untrained or unskilled homeowner.  And it should not be taken lightly!  There are precautions to take when firing up a chainsaw, or standing on a ladder (but never do both).

If the do-it-yourself stuff is getting out of hand, or diminishing the pleasure you get from gardening, give Maier Tree & Lawn a call!  We specialize in maintaining the overall health and beauty of your trees and lawn, and will gladly give you a free estimate on how to enhance your great outdoors!

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