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Emerald Ash Borer in the News

March 13th, 2013 · No Comments

Just a few weeks ago a news story was released regarding the discovery of several new emerald ash borer (EAB) infestations in Minnesota. One case was confirmed in Minneapolis, and two in St. Paul. In late January, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture performed a follow-up on reports submitted by the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board Forestry Department and the St. Paul Forestry Unit regarding possible emerald ash borer infested trees. They were able to confirm that the trees were infested after removing bark from the suspected trees and finding the distinctive “S” shaped tunnels, which are created by the larvae of the EAB.

Interestingly, the suspected infested ash trees were discovered because it had been observed that there was a higher amount of woodpecker activity and feeding happening on and around those particular trees. Increase of woodpecker traffic on a particular ash tree is a good indicator of insect activity in an infected tree. The greater amount of damage inflicted to the tree by the woodpeckers (debarking areas of the tree, many parts of the tree showing woodpecker activity) can indicate just how severely a tree has been infected. While it may appear that the woodpeckers are the problem because they’re causing visible damage to the tree, they are merely looking for food, and it’s the food they crave that’s killing the tree.

Winter is the best time of year to find, observe and confirm infested trees because the tree lacks leaves which can hide infestation symptoms. The trunk and all the branches can easily be visually inspected for EAB indicators, such as woodpecker damage and discoloration of bark.

If you know you have ash trees on your property, and have concerns about possible EAB activity in those trees, give Maier Tree & Lawn a call. We will gladly have one of our trained and certified arborists come to your property and inspect your trees. Do you have concerns but don’t know what kind of trees you have? Give us a call! We will identify your trees and offer you the knowledge you need to understand what your particular trees may need to grow healthy, stay healthy and remain strong.

Maier Tree & Lawn offers programs to help fight EAB and treat ash trees before an infestation may occur. Our ash tree EAB treatments generally begin in April and conclude in September. If you have an ash tree that is already infected, the best solution may be removal of the tree to prevent the EAB from spreading. Keeping trees from becoming infested is the optimal solution to the problem, and Maier Tree and Lawn can provide the trained specialists and required treatment programs to keep you ash trees healthy and EAB free. Again, if you suspect you have an ash tree that may be infected, please, do not hesitate to call. The emerald ash borer is an aggressive species and will infect any, and all ash trees that are not protected. We can assist and educate you on which trees may need to be removed and those that should be treated to help preserve your tree population. April will soon be upon us, and that is the best time to begin treating and protecting your ash trees. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Give us a call and let Maier Tree & Lawn help you keep your trees green, healthy, strong and safe!

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