Posted: May 09, 2019

Judging when and if to have a tree removed is a difficult process. Fully grown trees aren't only a great aesthetic addition to your Rochester, MN property, but they’re also extremely valuable. A healthy adult tree can add a significant sum to property value which makes the decision to have one removed all the more complicated.

A heavily damaged or dead tree can be just as much trouble as a healthy tree is beneficial. Maier Tree and Lawn's tree service professionals urge homeowners to consider what their trees are contributing to their property, and if you're stuck with a troubling tree, consider if tree removal is right for you.

Spring is a season that really highlights the signs of unhealthy trees. Missing leaves or discoloration will be especially obvious when compared to other nearby trees. Occasionally a visit from tree service professionals is all that's needed to remove damaged or dying limbs, but in some cases, these could be signs that the tree is dying.

Depending upon the cause of the tree's poor health, tree removal may be the best and safest option for other trees nearby. An infestation or disease may be capable of spreading to other trees which can sometimes necessitate tree removal. If one of your trees is looking unwell or exhibiting signs of disease, contact tree service experts for a consultation.

Unfortunately, even if your trees are all in good health, tree removal can still become necessary on short notice. Even a tree free of pests or disease isn't completely safe. More often than not, spring tree removal becomes necessary after storm damage or other unexpected physical trauma. A tree struck by lightning or knocked over by wind immediately becomes a hazard to your home, family, and the rest of your property. This type of tree removal is practically impossible to plan for and can be extremely stressful. In these cases, relying on tree service professionals can help smooth out the process.

Regardless of the cause, springtime tree removals can indeed be a necessity. If your Rochester, MN property is in need of a tree removal this spring, contact the tree service experts at Maier Tree and Lawn today at (507) 454-7000, or visit our website here.

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