Posted: November 09, 2018

As fall creeps closer, trees in Winona, MN are heading towards change. Say you spot a discolored bunch of leaves, some odd spots on the trunk, or an unusual amount of browning a little too early. Do these signs necessarily mean trouble, or is it just nature in action? The tree care experts with Maier Tree and Lawn know that tree diseases can be silent killers, and when the seasons change, sometimes signs of trouble can blend in more than ever.

Anthracnose is an umbrella term you may hear now and again in the world of tree care that refers to several kinds of fungal tree diseases.  Anthracnose can present with the browning and curling of leaves, discolored spots, and occasionally twig death. It’s common among many tree types, but the good news is that if you spot signs of anthracnose in your oak tree, that particular strain won't spread to other tree species in your yard. If you favor one species around your property, however, this could spell trouble. Unlike some common Minnesota tree diseases, anthracnose isn't necessarily an outright death sentence. If left untreated for too long, however, it can weaken your tree significantly and make it susceptible to other pests.

Apple Scab is an extremely common tree disease that, as the name indicates, can seriously impact the health of your apple trees. As fall begins, infected leaves can drop prematurely which may be difficult to detect unless you happen to be watching for signs. Without treatment the fruit can be discolored, fuzzy, undersized, and more. When the seasons change it can be difficult to tell if your apple tree is just reacting to the weather or showing symptoms of a tree disease. When in doubt, consult tree care professionals.

Oak Wilt is a name that many tree care enthusiasts are familiar with in recent years. It can affect every species of oak tree and, in severe cases, cause tree death in as little as a year. Oak wilt is a tree disease that can be difficult to detect during routine tree care as the symptoms can be subtle or understated. As indicated by the name, watch for wilting leaves and uniform discoloration. If you have suspicions, contact tree care professionals for a consultation immediately.

If you have questions about fungal tree diseases common in the Winona, MN area, contact us today for additional information at (507) 454-7000 or by visiting our website here. When caught early enough, tree diseases don't have to be the end of your trees.

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