Posted: November 14, 2012

Maier Forest and Tree provides you the opportunity to prebook for tree services performed during the winter months. From tree maintenance such as deadwood pruning and house clearance to major work including limb removal or taking out an entire tree, Maier Forest and Tree has the professional staff and most up-to-date equipment required for the task.

Q: Is it safe to prune or trim trees during the cold of a Minnesota winter?

A: Absolutely! Winter is a great time to have this work performed on deciduous trees.  While certain types of pruning on evergreens can be harmful this time of year, all deciduous species can be pruned in the fall or winter without exception.

The Rochester area experienced some nasty wind storms during the summer of 2012 which damaged many trees. If you have a tree that suffered storm damage that has not been taken care of, Maier can give you a fast and professional quote on pruning or removal.

There is still time for you to call and reserve your spot on the winter schedule!

Visit our tree services page to learn more.

Save by calling now! Maier Forest and Tree is dedicated to customer excellence and superior service. Our highly trained and certified team will provide you the information you need to make an educated and informed decision.  So, call in the fall and be the winner in the winter!

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