Posted: August 18, 2015

When the weather forecasts routinely announce a high of 80 degrees, as they have these last several days in Rochester and Winona, MN, the last thing on your mind is winter. Even further away is the thought of hiring tree pruning service when the world is cold and snow-covered. But in fact, pruning during the winter is actually a common practice and an excellent way for you to be proactive about the health and aesthetics of your trees. By calling Maier Tree and Lawn Services today, you’ll beat the rush!

What are the advantages to pruning trees in the winter?

Most people think about getting their trees pruned during spring or early summer when trees are so lush and full that it’s obvious to see that their natural shape is getting a little out of hand. While some trees are best trimmed right after they finish blooming, others species such as oaks, apple trees, elms and ash benefit more from winter pruning.

Here are four reasons to consider scheduling pruning service for winter.

• Less foliage and workers can easily see the branch structure of the tree
• Less vulnerability to insects and diseases through the raw, open cuttings
• Protects landscapes from damage caused by trucks or equipment
• Results in burst of desirable growth come spring

Though winter pruning seems counterintuitive at first, it can help your trees stay healthy and look their best. Maier Tree and Lawn Services provides tree maintenance including pruning, tree removal, and bracing during the winter months as well as the spring and summer. Call now to schedule an appointment with one of our consulting arborists and be proactive about caring for the trees in your yard.

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