Posted: April 08, 2020

Part of being a homeowner with outdoor property in Rochester, MN, means managing the health and safety of the trees on your lot. Much of the time, this is a low-risk and high-reward experience, but sometimes the possibility of damage from trees arises. Damaged and diseased trees are dangerous for a multitude of reasons, and understanding what to do with them may take the expertise of a certified arborist. If you have a hazard tree on your property, Maier Tree and Lawn can definitely help.

What Is A Hazard Tree?

A hazard tree is any tree that may pose a health or safety threat to your property or those on it. This definition can mean a dead tree that is a fall risk, a diseased tree that may be contagious to the other trees around it, or a damaged tree that has broken branches from a storm that may be fall hazards. Hazard trees are named as such because they are dangerous and can lead to significant property damage, injury, and in severe cases, death. 

How Can You Identify Whether A Tree Is At Risk?

Since the term hazard tree encompasses more than one type of risk factor, there are a many characteristics that may be indicative of a health or safety problem. Some are visually obvious such as broken branches, tipping trunks, or external rot. But internal rot and insect problems may be harder to identify without evaluation by a certified arborist. Diagnosing a hazard tree is easier with the assistance of a certified arborist who is trained to identify common and uncommon issues among any tree species.

Can Homeowners Take Any Steps To Prevent Hazard Trees?

Mitigating the dangers of hazard trees is best left to certified arborists, but keeping an eye on your trees, maintaining semi-regular professional checkups, and ensuring that any concerning areas are investigated as soon as they arise are simple ways of circumventing serious risks down the road. Because of the potential health and safety risks, however, self-managing any hazard tree is not recommended.

If your Rochester, MN, property has a hazard tree that needs to be evaluated, treated, or removed, contact Maier Tree and Lawn’s certified arborists today. Homeowners can call us at (507) 286–8733 or visit our website today.

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